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  1. Redirect Advice

    I have not tried it live, I just wanted to confirm that the .htaccess file that I posted was correct before I uploaded it.
  2. Redirect Advice

    Thank you I am not sure what you mean.
  3. Redirect Advice

    RedirectPermanent "/Giclee Printing.htm" "http://www.artorigination.co.uk/giclee_printing.htm" RedirectPermanent "/What is Giclee.htm" "http://www.artorigination.co.uk/what_is_giclee.htm" RedirectPermanent "/copying prices.htm" "http://www.artorigination.co.uk/copying_prices.htm" RedirectPermanent "/paper sample.htm" "http://www.artorigination.co.uk/paper_sample.htm" RedirectPermanent "/Personalise.htm" "http://www.artorigination.co.uk/giclee_printing.htm" RedirectPermanent "/Other Services.htm" "http://www.artorigination.co.uk/index.htm" RedirectPermanent "/Cards.htm" "http://www.artorigination.co.uk/index.htm" RedirectPermanent "/comparison.htm" "http://www.artorigination.co.uk/copying_prices.htm" RedirectPermanent "/Booklet.htm" "http://www.artorigination.co.uk/techincal.htm" RedirectPermanent "/certificate.htm" "http://www.artorigination.co.uk/Certificate.htm" RedirectPermanent "/Shop.htm" "http://www.artorigination.co.uk/shop.htm" RedirectPermanent "/Links.htm" "http://www.artorigination.co.uk/links.htm" RedirectPermanent "/new.htm" "http://www.artorigination.co.uk/index.htm" RedirectPermanent "/Personalise.htm" "http://www.artorigination.co.uk/index.htm" RedirectPermanent "/thankyou.htm" "http://www.artorigination.co.uk/index.htm" RedirectPermanent "/Link Submit.htm" "http://www.artorigination.co.uk/links.htm" RedirectPermanent "/Appointment.htm" "http://www.artorigination.co.uk/index.htm" RedirectPermanent "/quote.htm" "http://www.artorigination.co.uk/index.htm" RedirectPermanent "/assesment.htm" "http://www.artorigination.co.uk/Upload.htm" RedirectPermanent "/Technical.htm" "http://www.artorigination.co.uk/technical.htm" RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^www\. RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://www.%{HTTP_HOST}/$1 [R=301,L] Thank you for the link, following the instructions and not being experienced in code, I have just added the code as instructed to my .htaccess file as shown. Before I try it, Is this correct?
  4. Redirect Advice

    Thank you Lyndsey, this is good information but does not give me what I wanted. I was hoping someone could give me the exact command that I would need to enter in relation to my existing .htaccess file.
  5. My website appears to have two identical versions, htpp:// and http://www. I have been told this is not good for seo purposes and I should re-direct the htpp:// to the htpp://www. version using my htaccess file. Is this something I can do myself, or do I need to ask my host to do this? I have attached a shot of my existing .htaccess file, if I can do this, what would the command line be? Thank you
  6. Tooltip

    Thank's for the link
  7. Tooltip

    I have a page which lists members by name, about sixty, they are from six different countries. I would like a 'tooltip' to appear when the cursor mouses over their text displaying a small image of their national flag. Is there a simple way to implement this, I am no programmer?
  8. Google Gadgets

    Hello, I am not sure if this is the correct forum for this question, if not maybe you can point me in the right direction. I want to use Google Gadgets on my website. I have found appropriate gadgets, all I need is to 'Get the code'. This apparently is quite simple, but I am tearing my hair out! I cannot see anywhere a 'Get the code' link. I have asked why on the Google forum, no response as yet and i have searched everywhere. I get answers like this, and yet no where can I find a 'Get the code' link. Help, I think I am going mad..........!
  9. Integrate new website

    Many thanks for your reply Samus. I always hope that a reply will be easy and straight forward, but it never is. Not your fault, just that I am a designer, and in that mode just design attractive websites. The closest I get to anything 'copmplicated' is using Filezilla! I have the website running perfectly at the moment off my own server. I have used the same navigation headings that are on the forum on my new pages. Everything works fine except the return navigation from the forum, which only exists on the users server. I do not wish to style the forum myself, even if I knew how, as it is fine as it is. Are the PHPBB template variables contained in the existing webpages that you mention, the navigation and name? Because if so, I intend to name my new pages the same as the old ones so that the existing forum navigation points to them and the return navigation points to the existing forum. I hope this makes sense, I was hoping to just replace the existing files with new ones by giving them the same name and saving them with the php extension. Your continued advice would be much appreciated.
  10. Integrate new website

  11. Integrate new website

    I have to replace a website that has a phpbb forum as it's main focus. The existing forum can be retained if possible, I would prefer this as I have no knowledge of php or installing forums. I normally design a website in html and install via ftp. I notice a number of the existing pages have a .php extension. I can use the same navigation headings that already exist on the forum for the new website. Is it a case of saving my new web pages with .php extension, same name and replacing the existing pages? Is there anything I should be looking out for? As the forum is the centrepoint of the website, I do not want to do anything to bring it crashing down! Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
  12. I am replacing my website, and I am using WebBuilder 7. On my home page I have a 'slide show' of 20 images that change every 15 seconds. I am using this page as a template for the entire site, so only content changes. I have found that when a new page is opened, the animation starts again at the begining, so if someone is on each page for say 30 seconds, they will only ever see 2 of the images. Is there any way to have a continuous flow of images even when the page changes?
  13. Web Sofware

    I am no sure if this is the right place to post this, but I thought I would start here. I have produced a number of succesful websites over the years using an old (very old) version of Dreamweaver. It is time to replace this, as I have encountered various issues, probably because of it's age. I need software that is WYSIWYG, I like to design on the page without the restrictions of frames and I produce a lot of my design in Photoshop because of the freedom of manipulation and placing images, type etc where and how I want them with no restriction. I like to produce quite simple easy to use sites, so I do not need anything heavy on features that I may never use. It would need to be compatible with the majority of browsers. I am not an expert on html, but I can find my way around a page of script an edit when neccessary. I would not want anything that demanded a working knowledge of html to produce a satisfactory site. If you can give me any reccomendations for software that you have expierience of, that might fit the bill, I would be very grateful. If it was not very expensive that would also be a bonus!
  14. Monitor Question

    Thank you so much for you very helpful reply.
  15. Monitor Question

    Thank you for you replies, my card is a Nvidia Geforce 7600GT, you are right, I am only looking at the desktop properties. I do not know what resolutions my card can handle, but on the desktop, if the resolution shown is the maximum my present monitor is capable of then conecting the new monitor would allow desktop to show more resolutions?