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    All types of coding (mostly XHTML + CSS), general web browsing, gaming, windows troubleshooting basically everything to do with pcs...
  1. Hello, my new website

    For some reason it took more than a minute to load, im on 20MB broadband....... On Refresh 49 requests 393 KB (376 KB from cache) 25.11s Hmmmmmmm Something not right there
  2. What do you think of my 2 new templates

    ROFL @ Million dollar advertising. You guys took those templates WAY TOO SERIOUS. SPAM???
  3. Please review my site.

    Very good point ill try smaller holes. 358Kb???? OOps! LOL ll fix that asap Thanks
  4. Please review my site.

    Thanks, Ive had a few people say its distracting, it was originally bright blue.. Ill try to lower the opacity and see if that helps. Thanks again EDIT: Opacity Lowered.
  5. Hey, Its been a while since ive been here, loving the new look! Id like some feedback on 2 sites ive been working on. The first is my game hosting site we host FPS game servers for the top games. FPSGAMEHOSTING The second is my first attempt at PHP orientated coding. Ive coded a stats system that grabs the stats from my server for every player and displays it in a table. The system is in its infancy and looks a bit ugly but works. Hyp3rs Gaming Looking forward to your comments. Thanks
  6. Website Relaunch

    Very Pro! I have always loved the clean minimalist look and you have pulled it off here perfectly. Your Portfolio is filled with excellent work also. Well Done.
  7. How to fix to images to a back ground?

    good luck
  8. Can I only use div's and classes once?

    Class = an identifier that can be used more than once Example: <div class="smalltext"> </div> ID = a Unique identifier used only once Example: <div id="wrapper"> </div>
  9. Its usually a mispelling in the css. Failing that check the spelling of your image names and if your using css to display the image, check that the css name is also spelt correctly
  10. Is it me or does the site look like microsofts update page???? This site could easily be achieved using the e107 CMS at e107.org, it also offers a ton of plugins. If you need any help with it PM me. Thanks
  11. My first CSS site

    You didnt close your wrap tag but good try!
  12. Virtual-Element

    I was thinking of verdana throughout as its a nice clean font and goes well with this sort of site. Georgia is a great font imo A lot of the images use different fonts and i think this is best. Thanks for your feedback
  13. Virtual-Element

    What fonts do you recommend then? Ignore the 30px padding.
  14. Virtual-Element

    Thats not constructive criticsm Mr Bishop........... Its hosting for websites, gaming servers and communication (teamspeak etc). Posting your opinion without reason is damn right rude. But thanks anyway LOL Heres 5 words for you.... "required attribute alt not found"
  15. Virtual-Element

    Thanks for your constructive reply, ill answer each of your answers individually. The header image i will definitely redesign, as i can see your point there. I want something more relevant to the sites name Element isnt an easy one for me though so if you have any ideas.... The login box needs a new home and top right would suit it perfect. Great idea. I didnt want a completely symmetrical menu there as i wanted each section to be somewhat individual (hence the different coloured background on the TS) The "next row" was created to create more room lol ill look into redesigning it. LOL @ Latest. Im not responsible for that there are other admins. Hmm fonts are pretty bad, i was thinking of going for Verdana throughout. Thanks ill have a play and see what i can come up with. ill probably post back here when im done and you can comment again. P.S just looked at your site ..... Good Job!!