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  1. Fuzzy Logic

    How to change Wordpress menu labels?

    Is this what you are after? Change WordPress Dashboard Menu Items Text
  2. Ok, as a designer I'm going to get brutal to help... Hope it does The leading under "Gjorgjevska Emilija" is terrible, that whole section feels too squashed together. spacing issues all over, spacing should look the same between everything unless there is a hierarchical reason for it to be that way, which in this case there is not. increase font sizes, better still find some clearer fonts. You have at least 4 fonts, try reducing them to a maximum of 3 Don't have your dates the same colour as the text, I would suggest darkening up the text to separate them from the dates. not enough contrast between the subtitles and the content. remove the heart at the bottom of the page, you're not in school now. under skill and interests, separate the items better, * just don't work
  3. Fuzzy Logic

    Please don't repeat yourself

    Nah, that is absolutely cool, thanks again, I will save this and look into that when I think I am confident enough in javascript to warrant moving on.
  4. Fuzzy Logic

    Please don't repeat yourself

    Genius! Thank you. Just to understand the code - not sure I get the three dots before document ...document.querySelectorAll and I have not got quite as far as nodes.
  5. Fuzzy Logic

    Please don't repeat yourself

    I have finally got around to learning javascript properly, after all these years of simply using ready-made scripts and having to make do when I had coding issues I could not solve... Anyway, I am trying to get a javascript list that I have created to replace and not append? Currently, every time I use my dropdown the list adds more to the list already there, I need it to swap but can't work it out.. anyone know how to do this? Thanks https://codepen.io/saltedm8/pen/bxEZBG?editors=1010
  6. Fuzzy Logic

    How to Crompress Image File Size?

    Design is the umbrella term (it is actually defined as "To create through planning") , it is not very often you create a design that does not take UI/UX into account and to be more specific regarding things like branding, that could be argued as an integral part of UX even in subset situations like the backend system of a CMS or CRM. There is really no getting around the fact that the requirements for design are quite often the requirements for UX/UI, that is audience research and although UX/UI usually requires more audience research than branding, that does not mean that you could not do as much research for branding, they are complementary and neither could be used without the other so to dismiss parts of 'design' in favour of others is situational, not a constant.
  7. Fuzzy Logic

    How to Crompress Image File Size?

    In order to make an argument towards that claim, you would first have to define what you mean by "big difference" and secondly at what point does an image become so poor that it affects the goals of the website. To answer the first and second question, I would say that they both need to be contextualised into specific circumstances, for example, on a personal blog, you would get away with some poor quality images as the text is the focus and they are usually personal sites. However, on a commercial website with a luxury brand, an image that shows even a tiny blotching or blurring can make a big difference to the sales, imagine if Apple, for example, decided to take your advice and start posting images that concentrated on reducing image size at expense of showing its products just a little blurry? I find you quite often dismiss design and how important it really is and what it can do, its importance is not to take away from the content, it is there to enhance the content, anything other than this and it is simply bad design. It is there to convince, direct and feed a positive message about the values of the business, not to simply 'look nice' and is most the time something that enables the decision as to whether to buy or not since it includes aspects like navigation for example, if this was badly designed, or the shopping card too complicated, they simply won't but no matter how good the product being sold.
  8. Fuzzy Logic

    How to Crompress Image File Size?

    no, the differences are hardly noticeable, but they can make a big difference to the overall feel of a web page sometimes if you sacrifice the even the tiniest saturation etc. ultimately, it’s a balance between image quality and size.
  9. Fuzzy Logic

    How to Crompress Image File Size?

    Look at these two images carefully, there are subtle differences, most notable is colour saturation, but there other things that it does too.
  10. Fuzzy Logic

    How to Back Up WP?

    There are other solutions out there, one of many being https://updraftplus.com/?afref=154
  11. I quite like it, the biggest criticism I have is Josefin_sanslight for the main paragraph text and the Josefin_sanregular for the link and highlighted text, maybe it is just me but I am getting a comic sans vibe and that can't be good.
  12. Fuzzy Logic

    Excessive Javascript form elseif

    Hi I was wondering if anyone had a better solution to this, it seems excessive to me for what it is, it literally just changes the options within form fields to be displayed or hidden depending on services they choose.. thanks function Improvelist(){ //Selectboxes var inputImprove = document.getElementById('input-improve'); var inputTool = document.getElementById('input-tool'); //lists var improveWebsiteList = document.getElementById('improveWebsiteList'); var createWebsiteList = document.getElementById('createWebsiteList'); var improveSeoList = document.getElementById('improveSeoList'); var createSeoList = document.getElementById('createSeoList'); var improveGraphicsList = document.getElementById('improveGraphicsList'); var createGraphicsList = document.getElementById('createGraphicsList'); var graphicinvest = document.getElementById('graphicinvest'); var invest = document.getElementById('invest'); //if improve your seo if(inputImprove.value == 'Improve' && inputTool.value == 'seo'){ //show improve list by removing the hidden class $(improveSeoList).removeClass("hidden"); $(lives).removeClass('hidden'); $(graphicinvest).removeClass('hidden'); //hide all other 5 lists $(improveWebsiteList).addClass('hidden'); $(improveGraphicsList).addClass('hidden'); $(createSeoList).addClass('hidden'); $(createWebsiteList).addClass('hidden'); $(createGraphicsList).addClass('hidden'); $(invest).addClass('hidden'); //if improve your graphic design }else if(inputImprove.value == 'Improve' && inputTool.value == 'graphic design'){ //show improve graphic design list $(improveGraphicsList).removeClass('hidden'); $(graphicinvest).removeClass('hidden'); //hide all other 5 lists and live field $(lives).addClass('hidden'); $(improveWebsiteList).addClass('hidden'); $(improveSeoList).addClass('hidden'); $(createSeoList).addClass('hidden'); $(createWebsiteList).addClass('hidden'); $(createGraphicsList).addClass('hidden'); $(invest).addClass('hidden'); //if improve your website }else if(inputImprove.value == 'Improve' && inputTool.value == 'website'){ //show improve website lists and invest bar $(improveWebsiteList).removeClass('hidden'); //hide all other 5 lists and live field $(lives).removeClass('hidden'); $(invest).removeClass('hidden'); //hide improve seo list $(improveSeoList).addClass('hidden'); $(improveGraphicsList).addClass('hidden'); $(createSeoList).addClass('hidden'); $(createWebsiteList).addClass('hidden'); $(createGraphicsList).addClass('hidden'); $(graphicinvest).addClass('hidden'); //if create a new website }else if(inputImprove.value == 'Create' && inputTool.value == 'website'){ //show create website list $(createWebsiteList).removeClass('hidden'); //hide improve live list and invest bar $(lives).addClass('hidden'); $(invest).removeClass('hidden'); //hide all other 5 lists and live field $(createSeoList).addClass('hidden'); $(createGraphicsList).addClass('hidden'); $(improveWebsiteList).addClass('hidden'); $(improveSeoList).addClass('hidden'); $(improveGraphicsList).addClass('hidden'); $(graphicinvest).addClass('hidden'); //if create a new seo }else if(inputImprove.value == 'Create' && inputTool.value == 'seo'){ //show create seo list $(createSeoList).removeClass('hidden'); //hide all other 5 lists, live field and invest bar $(lives).removeClass('hidden'); $(graphicinvest).removeClass('hidden'); $(createWebsiteList).addClass('hidden'); $(createGraphicsList).addClass('hidden'); $(improveWebsiteList).addClass('hidden'); $(improveSeoList).addClass('hidden'); $(improveGraphicsList).addClass('hidden'); $(invest).addClass('hidden'); //If create a new graphic design }else if(inputImprove.value == 'Create' && inputTool.value == 'graphic design'){ //show create graphic design list $(createGraphicsList).removeClass('hidden'); //hide all other 5 lists, live field and invest bar $(graphicinvest).removeClass('hidden'); $(lives).addClass('hidden'); $(createWebsiteList).addClass('hidden'); $(createSeoList).addClass('hidden'); $(improveWebsiteList).addClass('hidden'); $(improveSeoList).addClass('hidden'); $(improveGraphicsList).addClass('hidden'); $(invest).addClass('hidden'); } }
  13. Fuzzy Logic

    Branding for local lighting maintenance company

    Absolutely, under normal circumstances each stylescape would have more variation than these, but one of the things we decided that was important was to keep the same basic colours, we just changed the hue etc, the reason was firstly so they and their customers did not feel completely alienated towards an already existing business, so it still had an original element and secondly because it fit exactly into their own words to describe what feelings they wanted to convey. The variation of font, icon, sub-imagery and of course background and logo I think would be enough to make sure the message they asked for stays within the brand and also gives them a flutter of difference for feeling.
  14. Fuzzy Logic

    Branding for local lighting maintenance company

    The only step we missed here was showcasing the logos separate from the stylescapes, we should have done that first but time prohibited this part of the process. The stylecapes themselves, they’re not moodboards or mockups, they are based on the brief the client gave us, they tell a story about the brand, showcase it’s potential and give the customer a chance to change the look and feel ever so slightly by mixing and matching if they do wish. I’m not prepared to write the narratives of this design here as there would be far more to write than I really want to, they are like style tiles with more pizazz, giving the customer a chance to interact in the design process and quite frankly, just become some do not understand the process or have ever heard of it before, does not mean it is wrong or a bad idea, I know no-one has suggested that but at the moment some of the blasé replies here make it feel that way. Lastly mockups are definitely the next stage, that is absolutely not what this is for and it is absolutely not the intent, when we present it with the narrative, we want the customer to understand our design choices and for them to understand it so they can continue to keep that narrative across all their assets, if we were following regular boring traditional branding processes, we would be between showing the logo for approval and brand mockups.
  15. Fuzzy Logic

    Branding for local lighting maintenance company

    You’ve got it, thank you..