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  1. Hi, I've just joined the forum so I'm saying hello to everyone. I'm a freelance designer working for mostly small businesses in Norfolk, UK. I'm here to see what new tricks I can learn, and generally be as much help as I can.
  2. You should get an SSL certificate, that pretty essential these day.
  3. Richard Wood

    How to write good content in a lot of topics?

    The best advice I got is to write, and keep writing, every day. You'll suck at first but eventually you'll start to write well. If you want to cover a lot of topics, start keeping well organised notes. You can't be an expert in everything, but you should be able to write interesting content on a broad range of topics.
  4. Richard Wood

    Hello from Norfolk

    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome 🙂
  5. Richard Wood

    Hello from Norfolk

    Thanks, hope you're enjoy your Xmas hols 🙂