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  1. Nebin2010

    Category Structure

    Hi there. I've used both of those. I liked the first filter one more, but as i had lots of Categories, and Subs, so the list was huge. Hence why I wondered how to make use of the other things I can use to target a Product. The problem I have is that they client mainly sells parts that work on lots of different vehicles at once. Their current page is a bit of mess, the user has to find parts by clicking, Category > Sub > sub > sub and then the products appear. I wouldn't mind the filter being at the top of the page, and then they can just click "Exhausts for DAF, CF65" and it just shows the exhausts.
  2. Nebin2010

    Category Structure

    I have no issues manually creating all the categories, and subcategories. My issues is the filtering aspect. Say I choose "Mercedes(Manufacturer) > Actros (Model Series) > Actros C (Model) > and then the parts for that chosen filter display. It also need to work the other way round. My question is mainly what would you guys structure it like if you were doing it. What would be a Category, what would you set as a Tag, Attribute. I've tried setting the Manufacturer as an Attribute, but you then cannot have Parent, Child. Again, I have no issue just having them all as Categories and Sub but its mainly the Filtering. I cant seem to find a decent plugin that works. I'm banging my head against the wall with this, I should say the Client has chosen Woocommerce as the platform, as they like the Wordpress CMS aspect and ease of use basically.
  3. Nebin2010

    Category Structure

    Hi there, first time poster, please be gentle. Sorry if this is a noob question, its more advice really. Im new to woocommerce, and really struggling with the categories/tag etc structure. The customer sells parts for various trucks. Im trying to figure out the best way to structure the parts/categories. So, There are alot of Manufacturers such as DAF Mercedes Within that, is “Series” of trucks. e.g CF Range LF Range XF Range Older Models (which then has models within that “group”). and then you have the models within the parent range Then you choose the model and a whole other bunch of categories appear, so you would have Exhaust, Brake Pads etc for that particular model. Im basically after help with the structure of the categories or the best way to do this. Or change it entirely. Is it best practice to use: Brand>Series>Model>Part Category and then parts Or do I make use of Taxnomies, Tags etc?