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    SKY nternet keeps dropping out.

    Hi all, just wondering if any of you know a bit about home internet connections, specifically wi-fi? We were with VIRGIN and all was well for years but then the internet would drop out now and then. My PC was using an Ethernet cable but still the connection would be lost and I'd have to turn the router on and off to get back online. When the VIRGIN contract ended, my partner suggested we go to SKY. The TV uses a sateliite dish but the SKY box connects to the internet as does the TV, PS4, Mobile phones and my partner's Tablet. All are using wi-fi. It's very rare more than two devices are using the internet at the same time. We keep losing connection. I've told SKY but they say everything seems alright from what they can see, decent signal to the line, decent signal from the main box, etc. Whilst the VIRGIN set-up used new cables into the house, when we switched to SKY they had to dig a hole in the wall in our hall (passageway near the front door) to find an old Telecom wire which they used to hook up our telephone and internet. I'm guessing that wire has been hidden in that wall since at least 1990 so perhaps it's too old/knackered. I also bought a new PC around this time but I don't think it's the PC as the original PC lost connection too. The SKY internet deffo drops out more than VIRGIN did. It's 12:12pm as I write this and I started work at 9am, I've had about 10 minutes use of the internet so far today and it's now costing me money and sleepless nights to catch up on a big project I estimated would be done by Tuesday. Any tips on how to get the SKY internet working okay would be great. Thanks.
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    SKY nternet keeps dropping out.

    Since I posted this Sky managed to send an Engineer who replaced the wires and router and changed the channels on our devices. It seemed worked well but late last night it dropped out again. Doesn't look like there's much I can do about it so c'est la vie!
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    How to change Wordpress menu labels?

    See the attached image; I simply want to change where it says 'Portfolio' to say 'Case Studies' I've never done this before but it seems easy enough according to https://wpsites.net/wordpress-admin/customize-dashboard-wp-admin/ Trouble is, this theme doesn't have a 'Post Admin Labels php' like it says in their guide. I found a plugin at https://wordpress.org/plugins/client-dash/ that can do it easily but don't want to use it as I'm guessing it uses rewrites / will slow the site. Anyone know the proper way to do this please? Note I'm not a PHP guy so dummy version please
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    SKY nternet keeps dropping out.

    @BrowserBugs That's interesting. I guess it all comes down to which wire works best (!). Sky have agreed to send an engineer to check it all out: router, wires all the way back to the box. If that doesn't work out I guess I'll try to get out of the contract for them not being able to supply the service we agreed to. As you said, Virgin is way faster. Here we were getting around 36MB with Virgin, with Sky we get around 11MB. @hali864 Sky doesn't allow third party routers? I don't think it's the router to be fair, the BT line in our house has to be from the 80's as it's been buried in the wall since we moved in (didn't even know it was there until the Sky guy found it).
  5. I installed Wordpress to my site (robbydesigns.com) and it displayed the error: 'Page not working'. I contacted TSOHost and they told me: "There is an issue caused by the user.ini file. I've temporary disabled it for you. You can check the code and re-enable it." As I don't know what an .ini file is or how to "check" it I simply removed WP from my hosting. Just wondering if anyone understands all this, I ask becaue in 10 years I've never come across it and would appreciate to learn more. I Googled it but could only find information on .ini files used on Windows 10, nothing to do with hosting or Wordpress.
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    .ini file meant I can't use Wordpress on my site!

    It was a clean copy of Wordpress installed via their one-click-install. I don't know if they add it with their one-click-install automatically or if they manually go in and add it later (doubtful).
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    .ini file meant I can't use Wordpress on my site!

    Excellent, thanks Jack. I'm with TSO Host and I did indeed do a one-click install of Wordpress.
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    .ini file meant I can't use Wordpress on my site!

    Thanks @davep laughing at myself now for not realising it was php-ini. Still can't understand though why if I install Wordpress I just get a 'This page isnt working'? I think maybe it's time to leave TSOHost.
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    I'm Back.

    Hey everybody, did you miss me? Ok, don't answer that 😉 I'm back on WDF and ready to help when I can.
  10. I'm baaaack, moo ha ha ha!

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    Why is my dribble shot not popular?

    I was on Dribbble for two years and left recently. I think it's a waste of time. You have a clique lording it over other designers and invites to join design competitions (which get you followers) unless you're in that click, no real feedback or advice. When I was there I got an average 1 like for every ten views so I wouldn't worry about it too much.
  12. You could approach (in person) a local charity or good cause and offer to "donate a £1,000 website". I say 'in person' because that way they can see you are a likable person who is out to do them a favour, you can tell them your skills, etc rather than shoot another email that gets deleted. Once the website is up and running, approach the local press. This gives you something to put in your portfolio, a bit of free press and (hopefully) local businesses coming to you because you're the good guy. Don't do a free website for John the Builder because you wont get any free press out of that and you risk getting a reputation of building free websites for small businesses. If you don't fancy that, you could make templates and sell them on Envato (GraphicRiver, ThemeForest) or TemplateMonster. If you'd rather get clients and earn a little money, you could join a freelancing website like Peopleperhour.com, the pay is chicken-feed but there's loads of projects available.
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    How to insert a page into photo of an Iphone

    Sorry if I'm resurrecting this but I think my answer may help others who are looking to do the same. What you are talking about is 'creating a mockup'. Mockups can be app screens, brochures, website on a monitor, almost anything in fact! You'll need Photoshop but it's as easy as clicking a 'smart object' and replacing it with your own image. You can buy mockups on GraphicRiver or download them for free on websites including https://goodmockups.com/mockup-psd-files/ Google 'free mockup PSD' or narrow it down with 'free iphone mockup psd' and you'll find loads.