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  1. Hello, this is my site: https://siniparksi.gr/ (please note it is locked for public access, user: admin - pass: adminadmin123). There is a triangle at the top right corner of the page which is supposed to be a dropdown menu on hover, but i can't make it show up. It looks like contents are hidden beneath. I already tried z-index, but can't make it. Could someone help me out? Thanks
  2. Hello to everybody, I've been trying to install this plugin called Ajax Load More into my WP site, with no success. There is some documentation and troubleshooting, but nothing sticks to my case. I'm not very experienced so i was hoping someone could help me make it work. Any help is really appreciated. The site has one home page and several catagory pages. The way is setup now, each category page contains a specific number of posts, eg. 12. I didn't want the usual 1,2,3...[Last] links at the bottom, nor the "Show previous posts", i wanted it to keep loading older posts as i scroll down, keeping the same layout and style. You can see the way it is structured in my attached image. There are currently 9 posts in this page and then it simply ends. I tried to setup the plugin, just placed the automatically generated shortcode - don't know what else to do. And what i got is the huge distorted images taken from another page, with no titles, shown in the 2nd attachment.