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  1. There are many keyword research tool available but I am confused which one is best. Could anyone suggest me which one is best for long tail keyword research ? Thanks
  2. Thanks for the clarification.. really it is helpful.. I am continue with on-page and content for those ranked keyword, definitely I will share my experience along with it. Thanks
  3. Yes, I am continue with On-page SEO. and the page is optimized properly But I want to clear, is there any need of backlinks creation for maintaining the position of a keyword ?
  4. I am working with SEO off-page techniques to get ranked for a website keywords. If some keywords are on a good rank, then which SEO technique will be best for maintaining that position on search engine?
  5. matthewjohn938

    Sub-domains: How It Can help a website to Rank

    Thanks all of you for the great thoughts, and for clearing doubts about the subdomain.
  6. I have some queries related to sub-domain : How can it helpful for any website ? Is it more effective to use www.blog.example.com instead of using www.example.com/blog/ ? It affect the SEO of website or not? Please share your valuable thoughts about Sub-domain Thanks
  7. matthewjohn938

    Please rate my website

    Nothing is showing on this link - Something error you should check.
  8. I have worked on high authority sites only and now I have checked the things deeply and I think there is lack of relevance in the submissions I made. Thanks for your suggestions....
  9. matthewjohn938

    My Logo

    Well, you have got many suggestions..Pretty good color combinations you have chooses.
  10. For getting indexed, you should continue the blog posting on your website with unique content...
  11. matthewjohn938

    Introduction, New here

    Welcome to this forum., definitely you will learn a lot of new things here.
  12. I have read the basic task of off-page SEO, like Social Bookmarking, Directory Submission, Article Submission, blog posting, blog commenting, PDF sharing and many more.........and I have worked with all this to create backlinks..but I am not getting the expected results from these.. For getting the traffic is this the right way or not ? Are these off page techniques beneficial or not? Please share your valuable comments. Many thanks...
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    Hello Everyone! This is J

    Welcome Definitely you'll learn a lot with discussions over here...
  14. matthewjohn938

    New in web design programming!

    Welcome... As a freelancer I am also enjoying the great discussions over here. Definitely you'll enjoy too..
  15. matthewjohn938

    Please rate my website

    Attractive...!!! and peaceful pretensions for visitors.... Really good color combinations...