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  1. We had a custom website built about 10 years ago, and over the past 5 haven't done much of anything to update it. There's been so much backend custom work done that none of us on staff now knows how to implement any changes. It's basically a classic case of building a custom, overcomplicated site too early on, and now we're dealing with the consequences. As damage control and to plan for a sustainable future, we're looking to simplify, ideally without losing SEO standing. I'm trying to understand the best way to go about rebuilding our site on our own, as well as moving from Magento 1 to a more manageable ecommerce platform that won't require a developer by my side. We're a very small team and would love to keep from outsourcing more than we need to. Though we have minimal coding/development experience among us, we're willing and able to invest in strategic learning. We do <500k a year in revenue selling Dodge diesel truck parts exclusively online. We currently also integrate with eBay and Amazon, and use QuickBooks and ShipStation. Our site is hosted on Nexcess. Ideally, we'd be able to keep integrated with eBay and Amazon, since a lot of our sales come through those platforms. I'd also like to build a blog and create regular SEO-boosting content. Any thoughts/help is greatly appreciated!