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  1. Hi everyone I'm looking for a software developer / coder to join my company. Based in Sheffield the ltd company was formed in 2015, which currently has a working website but is not trading. The business holds personal information and for this reason requires constant monitoring for malicious attacks and future maintenance. The software developer would hold a 50% share in the business, shares will be free. Ideally new the new partner will have experience of websites written in PHP and MYSQL and be based in the UK Additional roles of new partner Coding Api integration Web design, (an advantage but not important) I am not looking investment other than the investment of time, this business has great potential with the right people. This position is ideal for anyone looking for an extra challenge to their day to day work as it does not require working full time hours. If you are looking for a business opportunity please get in touch and i can explain in greater detail what the company does. If you are not interested in the business opportunity but know someone who might please share this post. Gavin