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  1. DaveyD

    Reporting a web developer

    Hi many thanks for your advice, I paid with a bank transaction. Basically I had a pre-existing WordPress theme, that closely matched my business Brand identity. However I needed a few things changed and adjusted towards my brand identity such as the logo placement, the use of my unique brand identity colour etc and also functionality of the website in terms of the correct pages being linked to each other. Do you think I should sent her an email telling her that I'm considering going to MCOL or is there a specific agency I can report her too in the development Community?
  2. DaveyD

    Reporting a web developer

    Hi everyone I hope you can help me out with a situation that has occurred recently. After a few emails to different web developers that were experienced in the WordPress I decided to choose a WordPress developer that could complete my job. I.e. I needed to translate the theme of my business brand into my website. To cut a long story short this developer did something I asked not to touch like the homepage. I had to spend quite a few hours putting it back to how it was. Also after exploring what the developer actually did it was not much at all apart from change a couple of colours. I also noticed that she broke some of her terms and conditions in the contract we signed. For instance in the contract it clearly states payment 50% to start and 50% on completion. However due to my disability I was unwell and I was very delayed in some communications and therefore she asked for 100% of the payment in one go to secure her work. Secondly after her hours of work were ended that I paid for she asked me to contact my designer for some more files where she could continue. Obviously I expected a fee for that continuity in designer. After I did this she then said she could not continue with any of the project as she was ill. I politely asked her for a partial reimbursement where she reply with some obvious excuses and now I would like to escalate the situation and potentially report her and get my money back a full reimbursement now. Can you recommended the next way forwards? Kind regards Dave