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  1. My First website

    Hmm... the look is good. Bu the functions seem to have some bugs in it.
  2. Thinking of getting into copywriting

    What degree do you need to become a copy writer???
  3. Looks great! I don't see anything wrong with it. UX wise, it's pretty good already.
  4. Too Old?

    Don't be discouraged as 26 is still a young age to change career paths! I am about to turn 24 very soon and I work with a really low level job (graduated with a useless English degree) and now I am doing all that I can to learn more things as a digital marketer and then eventually as a web developer
  5. Do you drink coffee?

    I used to drink coffee daily back in college and I stopped because I felt like it was becoming unhealthy. Was a bit hard for me at first but I realized that once you stop, it gets easier. First thing I do in the morning is to drink a glass of water and I find that it has the same effect on making me wake up as coffee.
  6. My first computer

    Cool photos of old computers here. I can't quite remember my first computer. I had to borrow my older brother's computer and it was this big old boxy one that runs on Windows 99. Good times. Always had a fascinating time just looking at the screensaver then lol.