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  1. Rich C

    Sub-domains: How It Can help a website to Rank

    From Google: In summary: use whichever one works for you.
  2. You can now add an extra bit of flair to your profile page: a banner image across the top. This can be up to 2MB, so have fun, and please report anything naughty or tasteless!
  3. One of 20i's developers talks about why he loves Let's Encrypt SSL certificates: https://www.20i.com/blog/why-i-love-lets-encrypt/

    1. Jack


      We have over 50 clients using it, it's a great service. I expect a lot of hosts will build it into their admin panel in the future.

  4. Rich C

    Job section?

    Hi Neil - no there isn't a job section. You can use either the 'General Chat' area or the Freelancing one. https://www.webdesignerforum.co.uk/forum/29-general-chat/ https://www.webdesignerforum.co.uk/forum/80-freelancing-business-and-legal-discussion/
  5. How did you choose your company name? I did some research in to web design company names; results here: https://www.20i.com/blog/what-not-call-web-design-company/


    1. rbrtsmith


      RW Smith Software - used my name and kept if fairly ambiguous to allow to me to move into any for of software development without requiring a rebrand.  It's not exciting or catchy but I'm happy with the choice :)

  6. Rich C


    Hey Barry - the company I work for and the sponsors of this forum provide free SSLs (providing you use our nameservers) and they are reissued automatically - you don't have to do anything. We also provide free hosting - which should be fine for you. [ADVERT FOR FREE STUFF OVER 😀]
  7. It was reported, but - as far as I can tell - it's not breaking any of our forum rules.
  8. Google: Link Spam In Forum Comments Work Very Badly.

    My job would be easier if people read this.


  9. Rich C

    Effect of GDPR on Link Building

    Can you expand on how it is affecting your outreach? I don't think it should make any difference to link building, provided that you use honest and approved techniques. You are allowed to contact people if they've asked to be contacted. My impression is that the only things that will be affected are spammy/black hat techniques - which is a good thing, in my opinion. ?
  10. Slightly off topic, but I found this useful: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/43921814/gdpr-your-data-protection-questions-answered Contrary to what seems to be the popular belief in many companies, the UK authorities are saying it's fine to email those you already have a relationship with. No extra consent needed. Don't expect any 'please opt-in' emails from WDF!
  11. Rich C

    SEO Basics

    The sites in the OP's post are good: SEMrush, Moz and the like. Just make sure they're recent articles.
  12. Rich C

    CPU always at 100%

    That's really odd! The symptoms sound like you've got some kind of cryptocoin mining malware running, but that shouldn't survive a reinstall. You've probably tried this, but I presume that uninstalling Chrome and using another browser - like Firefox - makes no difference?
  13. Rich C

    Cakewalk by BandLab - New Free DAW for Windows

    I like Cakewalk, but haven't used it for about 15 years...do you know how they're making their money? Do they charge for plugins and the like?
  14. Rich C

    Page extensions

    Last week, Google released this video: It supports @BrowserBugs post - they don't care, at least in terms of it affecting search results.
  15. The warning you currently get is an "i" symbol next to the URL, but from July this year it will say 'Not secure' in Chrome. It's explained here: https://blog.chromium.org/2018/02/a-secure-web-is-here-to-stay.html
  16. Rich C

    SEO Basics

    For me, SEMrush is the best all-round SEO tool: for both value and functionality. I'm no fan of Moz - which, I admit, is at least partly a result of my inherent dislike of Rand Fishkin. Now he's gone, hopefully it will improve! Pinned! EDIT: and thanks for the useful list!
  17. Google choosing text content from the page - instead of the meta description - is quite common. There isn't a way to fix this apart from re-writing both the meta description and content, then re-submitting it through Search Console. You may need to be patient until the search results update.
  18. Rich C

    Scheduled tweets

    I'm a fan of Social Champ. It's because AFAIK, they're the only one that allows you to set up a post to repeat a number of times on a schedule (without charging for it, that is).
  19. Charts, graphs and so on! Showing lines going up. Pretty obvious, I know, but you can now make some nice interactive features using the free Google Data Studio tool, which you can then embed. There are also many other free and paid tools. I'd concentrate on the simple things: increases in SERP position, increase in visitors, and increase in revenue for the people you work for.
  20. If this turns in to an advert for your product, the post will be deleted and you will be banned from the forum.
  21. I'm not sure about an 'ideal' size (it depends on what you're viewing it on), but the dimensions are roughly 1:0.167 (W x H). The height is one sixth of the width. However, I'd recommend experimenting with it to see what looks best.
  22. Wishing desperate social media companies didn't use the status update to promote their business.