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  1. Hi All, I hope I am the right place in he forum for this topic. I currently have a tutorial website. The pages of the site have been developed in HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript. Students have access to all the pages of the site. The tutorials themselves are on separate HTML pages and these are linked to from buttons on the main pages. The tutorials themselves are mainly self contained HTML pages but the do use php to email results back to the tutor. Everything works on the site, but I would now like to have the users to have a forum as well as registering and paying a fee for the using the tutorials. I have looked at a range of options, but all seem to cause me some sort of problem I don't want to commit to a solution then discover that it won't work for me. Website builders like WIX seem to have everything I want and looks very good, but I'm sure I will to: 1. Re-create my web pages 2. Not be able to integrate my tutorial html files (I can link to them on another host) 3. Not be able to use my own php files I would be really grateful if anyone could give me some advice please? Jonel