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  1. It entirely depends what social media platform your referring to, as some have more benefit than others. It terms of building up referral links back to the site they're can be a benefit, Pinterest in particular is great for this !
  2. I personally use semrush, as it gives me an overall website score and highlights any errors and warnings within the site. E.g incorrect pages in site map, images without alt attributes, or broken links etc. Works great for me!
  3. How to get more followers on Twitter?

    Keep up to date with trends. Check daily for what hashtags are trending and then try to post insightful/humorous/engaging tweet using this topic. Following a bunch of people can also help, make sure they're relevant to you though, or it is likely that they either won't follow back, or soon unfollow if they do! You can also join in with the follow friday trend by using the hashtag #FF, and tagging a few twitter accounts you enjoy, and hope it earns you one back!
  4. Web design is certainly important for SEO. There is more and more pressure being put on websites to be mobile friendly and responsive. In particular, AMP pages are becoming more and more prevalent, and being rewarded by Google by ranking higher. Integrating AMP pages into your SEO plan can certainly help long term. Your website can be penalised for outdated functionality!