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  1. Okay, just got rid of Disqus too! I will check quick contact form. Why a US host? Because local hosts offer crappy service. The best one is the one I am using and still I have had problems with them in this year :/ I am from Venezuela and there are like only 3 companies offering the service. When reviewing each, all of them have a lot of complaints. I tried the one I am using - Hosting SSI - because I found out this one was the one with less user problems. EDIT: Reply from the hosting provider: Ok so that was a quick translation!
  2. Thank you! I will contact them now to see if they can identify any script causing the problem. Ah thank you!! I was about to ask what I should do regarding the IP. I will ask them when my excessive use began. They didn´t mention it either! The translation was good btw Loads of requests is solicitudes and pages means páginas. I just contacted my hosting provider & I just got rid of all the optimising plugins. If I get rid of JetPack what will I miss? The metrics & that´s it? Nothing else will change? I haven´t done it because I don´t know If I will lose anything PD: The pack I bought with this hosting provider ends on January 2018. I just checked their site and they are charging like 31$ for the hosting service & domain. I paid back then 20$ - january 2017-. Is there any other hosting provider out there with good service & staff support for that price? I could pay on January 2018 up to 50$ a year for a start. Dollars in my country are really a big problem right now so I can´t handle anything expensive. Any recommendation? & Thanks guys for your support! PD PD: I contacted already the hosting provider. Will update when they reply back! @TimW Thank you for the heads up! I couldn't reply you through PM because I don´t have yet 25 posts. EDIT: ​I deactivated Jetpack & no major problems I encountered. I just lost my contact form on my contact page. Is there a way to add a contact form manually? LIke coding i don´t know? Or do I need to add a plugin for it? If so which one would you guys recommend? Or should i just leave it without contact form while I solve the issue. EDIT EDIT: I feel like I should get rid of Disqus but I don´t really want to I like that design a lot! :/
  3. An user on another forum recommended me to get rid of jetpack, never thot of it before, thinking it was a wordpress plugin, i didn't think of it :s I am trying to upload my metrics, will update soon See anything important guys?
  4. Thanks guys for replying! I will quote you guys back: The email said CPU/TOS, so I believe it´s related to CPU time. Let me see how can I check the IP´S. I got into my cpanel and theres something called Webalizer. I don´t what is the bandwidth my hosting provides, I am checking their site and I can´t find any info? This is their site: https://www.hostingssi.com/comparar.shtml It´s in Spanish but I believe you can check it though. If I go into my CPanel to check my CPU Usage it says: Resource Usage Overview Disabled, please contact an administrator. I use table of contents for seo purpose, same the plugin star rating, I thought these one would help me W3 Total Cache, Loginizer, Akismet Anti-Spam by Automattic & Async JavaScript by Clough I.T. Solutions, Should I just get rid of them? :S
  5. Hi there! First of all, sorry If I am posting on the wrong forum, mods feel free to move the post if necessary. I started a personal blog on WordPress on January 2017. The site is http://psiqueduelo.com. The site is mainly designed to write articles. That's all I do, I write blog´s post and that's it. I say this because the hosting provider asked me what was the purpose of the web. At this time, I have like 25 posts and a metric of 170 - 270 daily visitors. The thing is this morning my site got suspended for excessive consumption of resources that heavily affect the hosting provider. (That's what they told me via ticket). The hosting provider told me my site could be infected or that I have a problem with my website optimization or else there's a plugging running without permission causing the excessive resources consumption... They enabled my site back & they gave 48 hours to try to fix the issue. They told me to reply back after deleting all plugins to see if it improved or not. Now I am here looking for some help. Is there anything I can do to check what may be causing the supposedly high demand of recourses in my site? I don't know if it's just my crappy hosting service :/. They told me my site exceeds the resources by more than 1000% of my hosting pack. I will provide a list with the Plugins I am using: - Akismet Anti-Spam by Automattic - Async JavaScript by Clough I.T. Solutions - Cookie´s notice by dFactory - Contact form by Web-Settler - Disqus Comment System by Disqus - Jetpack by WordPress.com - kk Star Ratings by Kamal Khan - Loginizer by Raj Kothari - MyThemeShop Theme/Plugin Updater - Re-add text underline and justify by Brice Capobianco - Shareaholic | By Shareaholic - Table of Contents Plus - Michael Tran - UpdraftPlus - Backup/Restore - UpdraftPlus.Com, DavidAnderson - W3 Total Cache - WP Review - WP Shortcode by MyThemeShop - WP Tab Widget - Yoast SEO I already deleted MashShare Plugin :c Please any help would be appreciated! Thanks guys in advance