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  1. My bad, I didn't see the date in the post.
  2. seo keywords

    Social Media is a Medium to drive the traffic to your website by target your targeting audience and it helps to build your brand image. In terms of ranking, there is no role of Social Media in the SEO. First thing, why to do Social Bookmarking and Directory Submission? And the best practice for the Title is to keep the keywords in the catchy lines.
  3. Reciprocal links mean exchanging of links that are not the good practice and not recommended one. To get the quality link you should build it on the niche and authoritative websites and the more it hard to earn the more it values.
  4. Here are some tips to optimize the content for the search 1. Pick the best Title that grabs the user attention 2. Description 3. Headings 4. Highlight the important text 5. Write for Users, not for the Search Engines 6. Pay attention to the Grammar section 7. Don't forget SEO 8. Relevancy 9. Describe content properly (do not write the self-satisfied content)
  5. I just want to tell you, take the project up and it's about AdWords and depend upon the budget so you have nothing to with their budget and competitor want to be on top and have more budget than definitely, he should be on top, it doesn't matter who manage the campaigns.
  6. Your website is good and there are some changes required like in your footer section, The logo isn't looking good there for this design. Bog section is very weird and not good. Content is very less on the website and in Blog posts too. Images are not optimized in your website.
  7. There are many but Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool is best for me You can use other tools like Long Tail Pro Keywordtool.io Semrush (Paid) Ahref (Paid) KWFinder
  8. For SEO point of view, there are plenty of tools available and you can use SEOptimer SEO Profilers Screaming Frog Ahref
  9. SEO

    Just take a small audit for your website and check the following 1. Page Load Time 2. Content 3. What your audience wants and search 4. Are content is optimized and relevant to the title 5. Self-satisfied content is not good. 6. Design of the website 7. Colore you use in the websites 8. Font size also matters 9. Use the fonts and font size wisely.
  10. SEO v/s SMO

    It would be better to use both because both are for promotion, SEO is for rank your website on the SERP for the particular keywords and SMO is to build your brand image and to make reach out to the more users.
  11. What is the SEO? use of SEO?

    The simple definition of SEO is, it is the process of making changes in the website for the user satisfaction and make website Search Engine Friendly for the Search Engines to rank your website on the SERPs. SEO helps you to optimize your website and help to rank your web pages on the SERPs for the particular keyword or keyword phrases.
  12. Google Search Console (Google Webmasters Tool) is a Website reporting tool and it gives us a report how Google see our website and what are the errors occurred on our website. The main aim to use this tool is we can make a request manually to Google to index your website or web pages. The problem with GWT is, it shows the 4 or 5 days back report and do not show the exact report all the time.
  13. You can try, backlinkwatch.com, open site explorer, SemRush and Ahref tools to check the no-follow or do-follow links to your website.
  14. Social Media isn't helping to improve ranking but it gives a push to boost your SEO efforts to drive more traffic to your website.
  15. www resolve

    Hi Tim It is good practice to redirect your website on the one domain. And if your website having both www and non-www URLs then Google considered it as canonical URLs. If you need to redirect all your URLs on the non-www, so, write this code into your .htaccess file If you want www in your domain