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  1. Parallax effect on Photoshop

    Could you show them a site with a similar effect and use this as a demonstration alongside your designs. You could explain the differences between your design and the demo, i.e., pictures will be different, text overlays, etc.
  2. Local Looking web design

    @@tim W, I should have thought about my statement about hero images, like I say, I think they work really well on some sites, finishes digging hole. That is good advice about using more 'real' images, I have access to some professional photos from their fabric suppliers that I was going to use, but these are from show homes. So I'm going to have a change of tact and focus on getting some more real client photos. I am also going to do add an 'about us' page with photos of the staff as a personal touch. Yeah, hopefully the photos and testimonials will say everything needed and the design can be quite understated. @@fisicx, thanks for sharing, I think the paving one is similar to what I'm looking for, lots of photos of real work. If anyone else has any ideas that would be great, I'll keep you posted and hopefully have the finished site up soon!
  3. Local Looking web design

    Hi Fisicx, Yes, totally agree about hero images, I don't like them but I think they do work for some sites, then there's the problem of everyone wanting one just because that's what most sites have! The site is trying to achieve all of the things you have said. They already have a FB business page and are going to focus on it with a little help (asking customers to leave reviews, etc) as it is perfect for their customer base. Main aims of the site are to publicise business as it has over 30 years experience, huge range of products / materials, and to showcase their work, which is something the site currently doesn't do. They have such loyal customers that they have offered to give testimonials / have photos taken without even being asked. Then it should also do the basics, like contact info, google map, etc. I did show the owner some examples of themes, and we decided a basic style would be best, and I know what they don't want. I'm just looking for some inspiration really, without going for a fairly standard design (although this is what they would be happy with, but I want to offer them something more interesting too!)
  4. Newbie Intro

    Cheers unhinged
  5. Hi Everyone, I have just started (literally, on first piece of work atm) freelancing, building sites for small, local companies in UK. I have previously worked at large digital agencies and start ups as a Front End Developer. I did a little design work whilst there, and have done in the past. I'm focussing on Wordpress as I've used it for over a decade (not really in previous roles, just for personal / family and friends stuff) and can't see myself offering anything else tbh. I love the design side of things, hence starting out on my own. I also love the idea of working for small, local, family run companies, which offer their own unique design challenge in their own way! My first post is about this. Just joined on here to read news, designer's points of view and to get some tips to get me on my way.
  6. Hi Everyone, I'm new here and hopefully this is going to be a forum I start coming to regularly! I'm refreshing a site for an established local business in my area, it's a straight forward brochure site detailing their services, products and location. They are an upholstery firm. On talking to the owner about the sort of look they want to go for they were keen for it to not look too 'designer', meaning full screen hero image, etc. They want to emphasise the fact they are local and friendly (and I guess that an expensive looking site would put off some of their customers due to their budgets). I'm struggling a little to be honest! Looking a lot of local business websites, they are either outdated or looking too 'designer'. I'm building this in Wordpress and potentially using a theme / parent theme. Does anyone have any examples where the above has been done well? Would be great to hear from people TIA