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  1. self organising news pages

    thank you so much that is really appriciated
  2. self organising news pages

    thank you i am going to look into this now. dont surpose you know any tutorials on this
  3. self organising news pages

    an easy way to get people to understand what i mean is like this Leeds website has a news section https://www.leedsunited.com/news where the latest news is always at the top of page one and then in order of date. but how does this happen without manually moving each news article down a slot and each time the last one on the page would be moved to page 2 meaning each page would have to be done. Its fine to start with but once i have a number of pages it would take me forever to update each one on a very frequant occasion
  4. self organising news pages

    Yes this is whnat i would want. i write the stories myself using Dreamweaver and add them to my site but just have no idea where to start so that i dont have to physicially move every other post down by one as this would mean doing it for every single page of older news
  5. Hi guys Firstly thank you foir taking the time to even read this! I am really struggling where to find help or the right way to code a set of news articals but without having to keep updateing every page to move the previous stories down a number. For instance todays main story would be a player signs for a new club, but i have already used the 4 place holders on the front page so now i have to manually move every articial down one place so this is ok when first starting but after i have about 40 news pieces it means adjusting at least 10 pages. im sure there is a way for me to do this auto but i dont know where to start. Can anyone help me please, I currently use date and times on the articles and wondered if there was a way to order them using this so each time i add a new articiale its makes it the main one and moves the others down the order. Many thanks guys David
  6. Good morning all I am new to the group but hope to become a valued member. I have a degree in photoediting and IT and a basic knowledge of web design. I am really looking to develop my knowledge to work in this feild and i find it strangly satisfying (strange i know) You will probably see me posting a lot to start with as i have so many questions and struggling to find the right answers. Many thanks David