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  1. Foundation 5 Reveal Modal Video

    Got a bit of an annoying issue using the F5 (it's an old, big site so upgrading to F6 at this stage is not an option) reveal modal with video in that upon closing the modal, the video seems to restart and play in the background. I've tried various jquery methods to kill the iframe on close, but no joy. Anybody had this before? EDIT: RESOLVED
  2. Filter WordPress posts by custom taxonomy term

    Well, I've got a bit further...
  3. Hi, My first time back here in several years I think, hope everyone is OK!? I have (small) WordPress issue at the moment and just cannot find a solution. I know it is possible, as I have seen it done many times and am also following (or attempting to) this article here; https://www.bobz.co/filter-wordpress-posts-by-custom-taxonomy-term-with-ajax-and-pagination/#comment-4215 So, basically, looking at the attached screenshot we have a WordPress loop that loops through posts in a custom post type ('project'), outputting various data. Simple enough, no issues here. Below that, in a show/hide div (again, no problem here) I need to show a filter, whereby a user can select one, or multiple filters (custom taxonomy terms, 'projectcat') and have the loop update in real time, on the same page. This is where the issue is. Following the guide mentioned above, this is what I get (see doh.jpg). Something clearly isn't working here, and I've tried the default WordPress 'post' type, as well as my own custom post type. Has anybody here done this before? Can you point me in the right direction? Happy to provide code snippets etc. Thanks in advance!