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  1. Converting Site to Responsive

    TimW, Thanks for the reply. I have tried the copy and pasting route previously but the code somehow seemed incompatible with sublime text and notepad+. I remember it not displaying properly anyhow. That said, I am a total novice and probably did something wrong. The CMS on which my site currently runs is probably one of the biggest issues. I do have a login but adding content is the most frustrating task at the moment. Everything is laid out in tables and there are very limited options for me to change. If I want anything major done I have to email the company and request it, then they code it in. They have also quoted me for converting the site to responsive but it seemed a little expensive based my on limited knowledge of how "easy" it was to convert a site.
  2. Converting Site to Responsive

    Hi all, I had a website built years ago as an ongoing project. It was built before responsive websites were common but now I would like to convert it. As my site is not currently serious and pretty much a prototype for a later project I would like to learn how to code with it and then eventually convert it myself. As the original website was built by a small company from scratch, using their own CMS, what would I need from them to take it over? Thank you.