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  1. No traffic - is my road closed!

    Thanks for that browserbugs, I will look into those amendments. WRT the Technics - any analogue recordings...............
  2. No traffic - is my road closed!

    That is why I am confused. There seems to be a vast array of different traffic figures, plus I have never had any emails / feedback on the sites. Perversely, some of the stuff from my design site was placed on another site, and that got really positive responses!.
  3. Hi all I have a couple of websites, one is a bit weird, the other one fairly standard. After over a year though, neither site is getting any traffic at all. This is not a commercial venture, so it doesn't 'really' matter, but I have put a lot of work into them. Really looking to see if I have made some basic mistakes in setting up the websites, as opposed to critique of the actual content. Here are the sites, would be really grateful if someone can spot any basic errors. Thanks. www.makeseven.com www.waitseven.com
  4. Hi all joined this forum to help me to understand how the internet works, how the human brain works, and why my websites and my brain are seemingly stuck in neutral. Andrew