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  1. Hi: It seems that you have a straight workflow, your projects start and end, with little returns, so [ admin-admin ] is not a fit for you. With a standard password manager you can have it all. That's why we are looking for betatesters with diverse needs. Regards: Nacho Bracho
  2. Great statement! Passwords are a no way in the near future. But beyond passwords, [ admiin-admin ] is a repository for many other pieces of crucial information that will remain. Nevertheless, we are just looking for betatesters! :-) We have not yet a marketing plan, so it's easy to think about the application as "another" password manager. We'll explain it better in the future, when it is released. it's in the to-do list. :-) Thank you! Nacho Bracho
  3. Hi: Plesk, CPanel, Webmin are used to actually manage a server. Specifically ONE server, so you can't store data not related to that server. If all your online business is built around one server, it's fine. Nothing more is needed as long as you maintain the passwords in another place, because in such control panels, all the passwords are encrypted. Life gets more complicated when clients are in different servers; when your work includes managing services hosted in different providers (from MailChimp to Instagram or Shopify); when you need to work with a server not managed by you; when you have to setup 40 email accounts and create a document with logins and configurations; or you are migrating something from one provider to another, or in the worst scenario, you are loosing a client and you must deliver all the current information to another developer. The underlying idea of [ admin-admin ] is having everything stored in a NEUTRAL place ,as pure data, not coloured by Plesk, Google, or AWS style. Regards: Nacho Bracho
  4. Hello, Jack: The current website is a quick and dirty site built for the beta program. The app is a desktop application. Passwords are AES 256 encrypted, but locally. Regards: Nacho Bracho
  5. Hello: We are 1Password users too, and we will keep it in the toolbox, of course. But beyond passwords, there are configurations, domain management (registry, dos records, subdomains), preferences for online services, users with different roles and urls, email servers, email accounts, etc. You can store everything as simple text, but [ admin-admin ] "knows" the nature of the data. For example, a domain is a domain. A subdomain belongs to a domain. A mail server uses a subdomain from a domain owned by a client, or from a mail provider. And it operates using a port and a security configuration. The mail server has multiple email accounts with different users and passwords. Complexity grows when you have dozens of clients with lots of domains and services managed by you on their behalf. [ admin-admin ] knows where everything belongs, and everything is checked, so no typos are possible. Also, when your client calls you asking for the mail configuration for a new phone, or when you need to send the ftp and configuration data for a website to a new designer, you can send it in a snap, using a nice formatted email. Also, data is stored locally. [ admin-admin ] is local, no cloud involved. Not a tool for everyone, but many people do not trust online services for storing client passwords. Regards: Nacho Bracho
  6. Hello: We need beta testers from different countries, with diverse profiles and diverse working methods to try and test our application, [ admin-admin ] in real environments. If you are a freelance concerned about the management of your clients passwords and configurations… If you want to get rid of all those text files and spreadsheets… If you hate when your clients call YOU again asking for THEIR passwords, or THEIR email configuration…, but you spend time preparing a nice formatted email for them because you are a caring professional… …please visit us at http://www.admin-admin.com and take a look at the snack preview video of [ admin-admin ] to see if it rings a bell with you. If you are interested in a serious Beta Testing Program, please apply. Thank you in advance: Nacho Bracho