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  1. These pages are automatically chosen by Google according to website content. May be these pages are best according to Google for visitors.
  2. you can check upto 10 websites at a time https://www.searchenginegenie.com/nofollow-checker-tool.php
  3. Best Browser for SEO

    In my opinion Best supported browser for SEO is Mozilla Firefox.
  4. just do one thing Make website for User. When you start thinking about Search Engine it will change your unique concepts and ideas. Once user is started visiting your website you will automatically placed at top of the ranking.
  5. Best Browser for SEO

    Thanks for Reply. I am talking about different add-on which is helpful in managing SEO. I need suggestion on best Browser.
  6. Best Browser for SEO

    Please suggest me best Browser that support most of the SEO addons.
  7. Social means how much you connected with your customer. Way to connect a customer may be different but main purpose is to promote your product or services. So share best presentation or video on your profile to attract more new visitors.
  8. Because Now a days our main focus on User friendly websites. So we should use both sitemap.xml as well as sitemap.html.
  9. When you design a website, the user should always be a priority because this helps to determine SEO rankings. This is based on various technicalities and makes it necessary to always prioritize the end user during the design process.
  10. Most of the web designers use Dreamweaver, notepad++ as their main Tools.
  11. Any SEO tools suggetions?

    Google search Console, Google Analytics these tool are free and very useful.