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  1. I have an awesome inspiration idea and I use this tactic to every day for designing something creative, attractive and awesome design. I am sharing with you inspiration hub for me are listed below TopCSSGallery Web Design Inspiration Gallery Behance Dribbble Awwwards 18 Best Sources of Web Design Inspiration
  2. pixlogix

    What is best for SEO?

    Answer: As per SEO you have to choose and implement the second option is mysite.com/using-this-folder. Why we choose this second option because of the dash (hyphen) consider as a separator in a search engine and if you choose the first option mysite.com/usingthisfolder than search engine consider this as a single word. So second option is right for your optimized SEO friendly URL. Good Luck
  3. pixlogix

    How to create a geat mockup?

    Hi, I used online Magic Mockup generator for creating the best mockup. It will provide you a different type of devices mockup so you can choose multiple devices like iPhone, Macbook, Desktop, Smartphone etc layout. If you wanna design and create own prototype or mockup than here is the list of best prototyping tools to create your own design. Best Prototyping tool link - https://www.pixlogix.com/blog/finest-prototyping-tools-year-2018/
  4. pixlogix

    Backup of WP site

    Best way to add Duplicator https://wordpress.org/plugins/duplicator/ plugin and create package and download it, that would be easy to install again if you create it from duplicator
  5. pixlogix

    multiple post on home page

    You may do like this way, open theme index.php and update if condition as below <?php query_posts( array('posts_per_page' => -1) ); ?> <?php if ( have_posts() ) : ?>