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  1. Honestly I havnt tried anything yet as I don't know where to start or what to look for when I think I have the right one it's just another tut on how to create a log in page with a database but doesn't explain how to give members better permissions then non memebers
  2. Ok hopefully I am explaining this right I need help with/tutorial/video or direction on pages that logged in users can see and guest users can I.e guest/non registered user can see page x but when they log in they can see page x y z I hope u guys u understand what I mean any help will be much appreciated
  3. Online shop

    Wow so simple that you very much
  4. Online shop

    Ok first off not sure if this is the right forum to put it in but here it goes I have a customer who is looking to sell a 6 week after school programme on his site i am still new to this so kinda looking for a bit of guidence on how to acheive this any help will be really appriciated
  5. Bootstrap studio

    So should I avoid bootstrap altogether then
  6. Just wondering if anyone is using or has used bootstrap studio and what you think of it I got it the other day and so far it seems to be ok to make the basics of a site but may need to export to sublime or brackets for the fine details as I said tho only had it a couple days so not found out how to do everything yet
  7. Hi everyone Just joined the forum this morning looks really good what you guys do here and can hopefully learn a lot from everyone just starting out on my website design journey so still learning the basics I guess so any help will be greatly appreciated. Hope to be here for a while Lee S