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  1. Those are some great advice, we will take it into consideration and work on how to make products more visible. Thank you so much again for your help! Ill make an update when its improved!
  2. I see, thank you for your much appreciated opinions. Yes im wondering if it is possible to solve the problem in an easy way though? I'm not sure if we got recources enough to start from scratch. Do you think making the text more shiny or visible could solve the dilemma? Perhaps then customers could more intuitively know where to find the products?
  3. Thanks so much for the responses so far!! The site is still under construction though so it prolly has some issues. Sorry that I forgot to mention that part. I was mainly concerned with if the design is good for customer conversions?
  4. Hey guys, someone made a new website, but I am a bit confused. While I find the design good looking, I am not sure if the text is clear or readable enough as if it sometimes blends with the background? What are your opinions? Is it good as is or is improvement necessary? Any other opinions about the site including the layout after clicking on the different links is also much appreciated. Thank you most kindly for helping me with your opinion. The website: http://www.raidfox.com/development/index.php/