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  1. Martin Scurry

    How many times you changed housing?

    if you go to the near place it is good to take help of movers else selling is a good option.
  2. Martin Scurry

    I guess I need to start somewhere?

    welcome to wdf community. you can start thread in review section regarding your template.
  3. Martin Scurry

    Please review my site!

    put a have question bar into right place it looks more professional and change his color if possible for different look.
  4. Martin Scurry

    Do you think web development is a stable career?

    ye development and designing are stable for the carrier.
  5. Martin Scurry

    Where to learn

    w3c and udemy course are powerful.
  6. your footer interrupt map so put into the right place else or are a perfect good job.
  7. it means deindex or devalue your keyword in serp. if you want to recover remove and banned spammy sites contact.
  8. Martin Scurry


    well google and this forum both are can help you in lots of topic.
  9. Martin Scurry

    Alex Introduction

    Welcome Alex. here you can learn lots of things about designing and developing.
  10. Martin Scurry

    Fundraising wordpress theme

    there are lots of theme available which is free check out wordpress site. and use with label of free.
  11. Martin Scurry

    Make money with your skills

    why you share referral link you can also share without referral if you really want to help.
  12. Martin Scurry

    How much do you charge per hour?

    if your speed is really high for providing task then it is really low charge.
  13. Martin Scurry

    Cost of a Web magazine with community

    what is the budget for this task?
  14. get validation from w3c site if your site is passed from w3c you mostly clear guidlines.
  15. Martin Scurry

    My webdesign site, ok, or dreadful?

    your site not ok and not attractive from any angel. if your site about web design then you must have beautiful site.