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    App Marketing and SEO

    Below are some creative and efficient ways to get your app found in the app stores and to increase your customer base In-app referrals How it works For example, let’s take a look at how Uber does it. When you send an invite to your friend for an app download, the message they receive reads: ‘A gift from me to you. Claim your Uber first ride free, up to $20.’ …followed by the link to download the app. Plus, when your friend signs up and books the first cab, you receive $20, as well. Content marketing With content, the story is different. It’s a way to reach groups of potential customers without telling them, ‘Hey! What I actually want from you is to download my app!’ Use an “app of the day” service Think of app discovery platforms like the Zomato for apps. It’s like an app listing site, but the best part is the “app of the day” services. Many app discovery platforms offer a single deal per-user, per-day for developers. Social media communities Social media is a proven way to build communities and expand brand recognition, even though it’s been around for awhile. Social media platforms can be powerful tools that help engage the attention of a new crowd, and can help you build a successful online community. Press releases No matter how good your app is, a user cannot click the green Install button until it is visible to them. The sale of any product starts with its visibility, and the same goes for an app. The last word The app market might be more competitive than ever before, but every day, we see new apps rise to the top and overtake all others for downloads and usage. This process is not impossible, and with some hard work and creativity, you too have the chance to make your app user base skyrocket.
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    I need clients

    You can Generate Leeds which are two types 1 Direct Leeds You can directly approach to clients in the section like Email, Contact us, call 2 indirect Leeds Firstly you can send articles about your products to clients.After that, you can crack the deal. and you want get more help so contact us My skype :- sag.rahul Website :- https://www.sagipl.com/