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  1. Hi guys, I'm comfortable with HTML/CSS and am learning PHP so thought Wordpress would also be a quick and easy option in some cases where the client might need to push updates to their website frequently. I've come across some nice themes on themeforest, however their license prevents using that template more than once, you would need to purchase the theme once per client. Does anyone know of any resources where the license allows more than once use? note: I appreciate that it's not a huge amount of money, however I'm just starting out and I'll likely need to provide the website without cost and the client pays for the domain/hosting to build a little portfolio. Thanks.
  2. Online shop help/advice please :)

    Thank you for the reply. Would you mind sharing the platforms you use? I did come across Abantecart which seems alright and fairly customisable in terms of making a custom theme.
  3. Hello boys and girls, Joined today but been learning HTML, CSS and jquery/javascript for the last few months on and off and really enjoying it.. it has its moments of frustration and some of my code is probably longer than it needs to be, but I'm getting there! Ben.
  4. Hello from Cornwall

    I am also new here and from Truro, Cornwall... :-)
  5. Hi all, New here, I've recently decided to get into web design & hosting. I've spent several months learning HTML, CSS, Bootstrap framework and small amounts of jquery/javascript. I'm not too bad with the front-end of stuff, however I would have no real idea how the back-end would work in something like an online store and linking it to the different payment processors. I came across Shopify and liked the idea of the lite version as it would allow me to add buying options into an existing website with a minimal amount of code and would ultimately checkout through their platform. Would this be a waste of money (monthly and % fees taken) or do you think it's a viable option, at least in the shorter term for potential clients? I see that there are some opensource platforms but honestly, from the one's I've seen they look pretty bad (visually). If anyone could point me in the right direction or give some input I would really appreciate it . Many thanks.