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  1. Please review my site!

    I think your website is very professional. image on website is very beautiful.
  2. Correct way do this?

    Many people and tutorials site use code as same as your code.
  3. High Traffic PHP Sites

    You have to use No. SQL , and use 2 section server first server use for coding and second server use for database. and last use dcn service.
  4. Creating an online Marketplace

    You have to work hard about PHP MtSQL and Maybe Javascript. buy if you want to hire developer it's maybe expensive. I recommend you do it's by your self.
  5. Inline CSS working but not style.css

    Could you please check file path for a style.css or if you use dcn please turn off dcn. And check it's again.
  6. Music while working

    I usually listen to an album from what ever band is my latest obsession. I do also love listening to albums that contain a lot of instrumentals, such as Deadmau5.
  7. Woohoo!

    A tree didn't fall on my car today while driving into work in a storm period. Woohoo!
  8. Hello , nice to meet you all.