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  1. Best Browser for SEO

    For add-ons i would suggest Mozilla Firefox because it has many features and it is the most reliable browser.
  2. Wordpress or Wix?

    Wordpress is the best i think.
  3. It is nothing to be fixed. i mean to say i have tried it and it is very good & impressive.
  4. Thanks for the information.
  5. Are used laptops generally a bad idea?

    I don't think used laptops are bad. I have purchased 2 used laptops online and they are working fine. it depends how seller used it.
  6. Music while working

    I love to listen Trance during working hours.
  7. I am using Copyscape and it is much better than others.
  8. How active are you on your social media profile?

    You can post as many post as you want but the big thing is what are you posting is Informative & relevant to your business.
  9. Which is your favourite Christmas tree in this?

    I like Pacman christmas tree
  10. How to change facebook name to another name?

    You can't change your facebook page name until you got 200 likes.
  11. What happened to Firefox' popularity?

    Well i think Google has promoted its services so many times that's why Chorme is the best browser.
  12. Well according to me Quality Content is the best link building techniques.
  13. Music while working

    I love to listen Trance during the working hours.
  14. Favorite Browser

    Firefox & Google Chrome are my my most favorite web browsers.
  15. Article Post in SEO

    Article Submission is the best and most beneficial technique in SEO but it depends on your article Content. It should be unique and useful.