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  1. I don't know how good are you at writing, but I am sure that with a bit of effort you could do it. I completely agree with what Unhinged said, you should always create new content and be on the look-out for new opportunities for building backlinks.
  2. Think about a frequency of writing and publishing articles on your blog/website. It depends on the niche you're in, but it should be enough 1 to 2 times a week in general. Then think about consistency. Keep publishing content once a week if you've decided to do so.
  3. When posting your videos on YouTube, include URL to your blog and to your social media pages, but have in mind that it's also necessary to optimize your videos (put right title, description, transcription of your video and tags).
  4. 5 Big Mistakes in Social Media Marketing

    I couldn't agree more about this on consistency. Even if you don't have anything new on your blog for a few days, it's good to share some of your old posts for example, and remind people about them.
  5. Twitter

    If you have a personal account on Facebook, you can create multiple pages and groups and manage them all on the top right - it will say "Use Facebook as" and then you just click on the page you want to go to. It's really simple and easy. Also, when you want to post a comment on another page, you'll get options "Cpmment as..."
  6. Possible to get 1000 likes in less than a week?

    Paying for likes is never a good idea as those likes are not genuine and it's very, very likely that those people will never have any kind of activity whatsoever on your page (and you want activity on your page). I believe that it's better to go with Facebook sponsored ads - you create a lot of content on your page, include URL to your web page and then target the specific group of people.
  7. Music while working

    Lately, I'm obsessed with "Iron and Wine" and Yasmine Hamdan (from Only Lovers Left Alive film). God is an Astronaut drives me pretty fast through my working hours.
  8. Since Pinterest is all about boards and images, I believe that it's very important to optimize those images for search engines. Make sure you use hashtags, too.
  9. It depends on your niche and the target group of people. I post five times a day and I have only one link per day. The majority of my posts are images and questions related to the industry, questions which concern people following the page. Often, they ask the questions themselves or they send it to the inbox and then I post it for them. A lot of people participates in discussions, too.
  10. As a business, you should definitely have a Twitter page, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ page. You should also have a website with blog section on it. Ask your customers and clients for reviews on social media and for your website, make sure you create a page with testimonials. Use blog section on your website to prove that you are experts in your field and post those articles on your social media accounts. Find some relevant groups on Facebook, groups from your niche or relevant to your niche (groups which gather your target group of people), engage in conversations there, offer help and advice and post your articles there when you believe they might help someone.
  11. Social Media

    I would go with targeting people on Facebook and sponsoring Facebook ads for a while. I would also join some relevant groups on Facebook (you look for them in Facebook search) and engage in conversations there. I believe some of the people from the group will check out your page (especially if you put a link in the group from time to time when it's related to the topic they're talking about). Keep posting every day on your page, no matter what.
  12. Finding a trustworthy copywriter

    I completely agree with this. A professional copywriter will have a blog and a LinkedIn account (some other social media account too). A portfolio is a simply a necessity. You just need to see some of the previous work. Even if you want to hire a copywriter on UpWork for example, you'll have a sample of his work. I always check articles with CopyScape. It's very easy to use.
  13. I will address the other part of your post, about resources for learning SEO. I found that blogs are the most useful. Check out Moz and webinars on Coursera. There are also many other blogs that can be really helpful, but you need to start with something. If you're creating in WordPress, their support in this matter is great - check out SEO plugin Yoast.
  14. I find on page SEO very tedious and tiring job so I would give it a 10. Off page SEO is not hard for me, but it takes a lot of time and a lot of decision making, so I would give it a 6.
  15. I use Facebook the most. What really helped me there is joining different groups from my niche and those just related to it on some ground. It really helps only if you're active there, if you join discussions, ask questions, answer questions and help when you see the help is needed. When people recognize you as someone who knows what he's talking about, they'll be interested in what else you have to say and follow you to your page, sooner or later. I know this takes time, but it's the only right way to do it. People love to see when you care, especially on your page. Get involved, post a lot of useful stuff and be responsive.