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  1. Screen size

    I know this has been asked but Im looking for a specific answer! Basically Im working on a pano project website. Ive been designing for a width of 1024 (cant recall the height) and on my monitor all is well....But Im afraid this aint going to be the case for those people with smaller monitors! I need to know what Width and Height I need so that It will look good on all monitors or what other options do I have so maybe it can detect if its a small monitor and load a small version, etc. Client has said they dont want any scroll bars at all...so Im thinking when someone loads this on a small monitor its going to be awfull as currently its width is 1024!! On my monitor all is well, but Ive tested it on my parents smaller monitor(800x600 I think) and I have to scroll downwards and horizontally...... What width and height to use? Is there any method people use to detect screen size?
  2. Im embarking on a new project which will mainly consist of an interactive Panoramic image with hotspots as links to different areas of site. The client wants NO scrollbars......How wide can I go(they want it to be the widest possible) with my panorama?¿ Currently its 800x440.....So how wide can I go to make sure theres no scrollbars across monitor screens?¿ Is there any method to check monitor and load correct resolution?
  3. Fair enough, you think its awfull....but maybe you could say a bit more....like for example why do you think its awfull? What would you change, etc... thanks anyways for the feedback.
  4. Is the poster that bad?¿ No opinions?¿
  5. Resolution

    Hi, this is going to be hard because Im not sure how to explain myself. When you design how do you take into account the resolution? This is my site that Im making: http://www.elchevirtual.com/ Now on my big monitor the site looks good, nicely centred in the middle of the screen, and all graphics,images are viewed properly(not blurred etc). But when I open my site on my parents computer, they have a regular monitor, the site doesnt look as good, it fills up most of the screen and has less space on its side. What do web designers do? Is there any way to make your site look nice on evey monitor? What is a sites resolution? is it its size? 1024*800, etc? Cheers, hope you can understand what Im trying to ask.
  6. Hey, theres a local hip-hop concert in my town, theres a competition to make a Poster, Ive made these 3, which are the same but different colors: Let me know what you think Let me know from the three which two you like best(colorwise) Cheers! http://www.elchevirtual.com/Poster6.jpg http://www.elchevirtual.com/Poster7.jpg http://www.elchevirtual.com/Poster8.jpg
  7. Monitor resolutions and web design

    My question may be unclear as Iam unsure about how to formulate it. I apologise in advance:) When you design for the web, what resolution should one go with? is there a norm? Ive designed a site, which looks good on my monitor(its big 29 inch I think) but when I view it on my parents old monitor the website looks too big, Now is this normal or is there any way to maintain the visual look across monitors? Is there any code that can do this, is it even recommended?¿ Some basic information/advice on this topic would be appreciated! Cheers!
  8. Early Design--Going to go with it--

    Hi guys, I just wanted to post what Ive got down so far. Have been css ing away and thus far I have this: http://www.elchevirtual.com/ Its only the index page(not final version obviously as Im still designing/coding) and there are some issues: Two png images that will look horrible in IE6, trying to figure this one out! There appears to be a blank space in my footer causing a blank space?¿ dont know why this is happening If you see any other issues let me know, once Ive got this down Ill continue with the rest of the site, OH! and let me know what you think so far! The two boxes, one for web design work, the other for panoramic work, the fish is just a logo for an aquarium I made a site for, incase anyone was wondering! Cheers guys,
  9. Hi, I currently have two png images that obviously are causing problems in IE6.... I have tried a couple of hacks but as I have links inside they cause problems as they make the links unclickable. I have tried saving the images as .gif files but these appear with color smudges around the image(why??) What solutions do you suggest? cheers
  10. Css and Div positioning?¿

    yeah?....The header is actually doing the correct thing. The navigation is supposed to be slightly ontop of the header and the content. To look as if its stuck on with the tape. Currently its hiding underneath the content div....How can I fix this, please elaborate on the z-index cheers
  11. Css and Div positioning?¿

    Hi, Im coding my web design and Im having some trouble. If you have a link at the TEST setup you can see that my Navigation(navbar) is slightly ontop of my header, this is correct, but its slighlty hidden underneath my content when it actuall should be ontop(its supposed to look like its stuck on with the tape) Any ideas why this is happening and how to fix it. *** Internet explorer 6** users...Im using two png images that wont show up on the browser, trying to fix this, its only a TEST setup. Any help will be aprreciated! One last thing, I seem to have a space between the bottom of my footer and the bottom of the page?¿ LINK:http://www.elchevirtual.com/Personaltrainer/
  12. Early Design--Going to go with it--

    Hi and thanks for all the replies and suggestions, I really do appreciate them and will take them into account finishing off the design!Cheers! Brownwarrior: You bring up some interesting points...The design is pretty Graphics Intense..this is obviously a downside with loading times etc. Could you may be elaborate on what method you would use with repeating images etc?(what background images do you refer to, the background and the Paper bg?) Hi Jimmi, Iam no expert but the method I use is to design something in Photoshop, think about it hard, the structure, navigation,etc and then Slice up the graphics I need to make up my site. Once that is done I go and code the site, html and css. So for example Ide have a header,navigation,content,footer,etc...and so on Basically design in photoshop, slice up elements that are needed(only essential elements as others can be achieved through css,colors,etc) and code away! Hope it clears it up for you. Cheers guys!
  13. Hi guys, Ive posted here a couple of times. And I think Ive finally got a Design done in Photoshop that I like. I was going for a grungy look, so I came up with this design. Id appreciate it if you could have a look and let me know what you think, hopefully it wont totally hate it, because Ive gone through hundreds of designs. I think its important to say for beginers like me that Its essential(at least thats what Ive found out for me) to sit down in photoshop and make a design, something you like and is organized before writing up the html css etc. Ive gone through loads of designs but I never had a clear idea of what I wanted, hopefully this design is not totally crap and I can finish it off and code it for my site! Theres still things I need to do, maybe rough up the edges of the paper, play with fonts, etc. Just let me know what you think! Cheers LINK: you may want to zoom in... http://www.elchevirtual.com/designnew.jpg
  14. Help me out with my design Please!

    Wizely, have you been to Elche?¿?¿!!! Hahahah. it sounds as you have!! Anyways guys, thanks for all the advice! Im gonna try your suggestions and have a go, Ill post any updates! Cheers!
  15. Help me out with my design Please!

    Hi, Well Im an adult and its for adults...Its just meant to be a place where I can show some work, etc...some photoshop stuff, photographics Panoramas, tours, info about myself, etc.. Practice css, designs,etc! Any help will be greatly aprecciated!