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  1. Yes, this is right. I did a website at low cost for an Indian newspaper but all they went on about was how it wasn't what they wanted. i had to keep saying, "you have what you paid for" in the end they kept making me change stuff and not telling me what they really wanted. For the payment I got I did double the work. The thing just ran out of control. I promised myself after that not to do budget websites anymore for clients who want to pay peanuts.
  2. Yes, I thought about it. I offered them 25% off. It's up to them. Any less and the stress would be too much for the reward. I don't think it would be as simple as it looks.
  3. Oh, I've lost count of the amount of applications. Thanks for the link. I shall just keep at it. I have 3/4 months at my disposal.
  4. So far nobody wants me. I have been trying.
  5. It always amazies me how many webdesigners in India conact me asking for work. Then semi-ammuses me in that I don't have any myself. Anyway. That job I went to all the trouble to price. I doubt I'll hear from them again. If their idea of the right price is £800 then my quote is never going to sit well. I'm fed up with this way of doing things as I'm going nowhere with it. I went to the national freelancers day last week and from that I'm considering Freelancer.co.uk as a better way. Competing on quality not price. If that doesn't work, jacking in the webdesign is probably the best option. I've also moved to a new place which seems to have dial-up internet.
  6. Yes, that has been on my mind all along
  7. Yes, thanks. I'm pretty much going to say, "take it or leave it"
  8. Yes, thanks, you confirm my thoughts. That is exactly what I am saying in the draft reply I am working on at this moment
  9. Yes, you are so right. I showed my project proposal to my mentor and he said it was top notch professional. Them coming back like this isn't. To be honest I've been there before. I once did a website for two different Indian concerns which both went pear shaped. I charged so little for so much in the end and they wouldn't listen. I was taken for a ride. So I'd rather walk away than commit to something that could do the same. Right now I need to get on finding proper work and this £1500 is a drop in the ocean as I can see how much time it will actually take. I was thinking of offering them 10% off but the more I look at the project the less I am inclined too.
  10. Yes, these are my thoughts too. I've heard it so many times before, "we don't really need a website" My rent is £580 a month for a bedsit. £1500 is nothing in London. WTF was my thoughts exactly on their budget. They were even getting a woman to do it on Wix at one point!!! That is what I get for advertising on Gumtree!
  11. Basically I'm dealing with the finance guy and he is saying the directors gave him a small budget. It's never going to work with penny-pinching directors and then a finance guy. http://www.arena-stoneceramics.com/
  12. I thought of offering them a new customer bonus of 20% off (£1200) if they guarantee me further business with the updates at £80 each...
  13. Well, I quoted £1500 and they said their budget was £800 but they'd stretch to £1000. I'm thinking of walking away.
  14. Thanks. I was going to quote £1500 and £500 per year for updates or £80 an update. I have terms of engagement which I expect I can get them to sign as a contract. Although they may yet have one for me.
  15. thanks all, I've been burnt so many times before I'm trying very hard to get this one right