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  1. hostsailor

    doorway pages

    Stay away from creating any Doorway pages, it will affect your website badly.
  2. Everyone got a smartphone now adays, and it's becoming very important to have a mobile friendly website as most of the traffic comes from mobiles and it's only growing each day so I wouldn't be surprised if it helps with SEO to have a mobile optimized website.
  3. The copy on your site will get plagiarized and might harm your SEO and website on google.
  4. Ranking first in google doesn't automatically mean you'll rank first in bing or any other search engine, each search engine requires it's own SEO work etc, but ofcourse you'd mainly want to concentrate on google whilst paying attention to bing/yahoo as well, making sure you register for a webmaster tools for both engines and make sure your site is optimized for both, remember they're both different.
  5. Think of how humans would understand it and think less of how robots/search engines would understand it, make sure you include the keywords you want to rank for but don't abuse it.
  6. It wouldn't affect anything if you're moving the exact same site elsewhere, just try to minimize downtime, you would need 301 redirections when you have a new site redesign or something.
  7. Social media, PPC, forums, blogs, word of mouth, media, banners, etc.
  8. Tried linkdex, too expensive, will give DeepCrawl a try.
  9. kashflow 100%, it's a great accounting software been using it for years.
  10. hostsailor

    SERP Checker

    Try micrositemasters.com
  11. hostsailor

    Possible to get 1000 likes in less than a week?

    I wouldnt buy likes, I would instead spend money on some facebook promoting and advertising campaigns and earn quality "real" likes instead.
  12. Give kashflow a try, its one of the best out there.
  13. hostsailor

    How do you use Social Media for your business?

    Social media has become a very important factor in improving your traffic now adays rather than your page rank and SERP.
  14. hostsailor

    Panda 4.0 update and your site status

    I think that update is harming big businesses much more than harming small/new businesses.
  15. I never heard of them, but I requested a demo too, thank you for sharing, and let us know how it went for you.