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  1. Changing Photoshop Interface

    I totally agree with this. Try changing it, it's kinda fun
  2. First customer design

    Love it! The color seems to be more intricate. It is more likely made by a professional
  3. Website redesign

    I prefer index 6. It's more detailed and organized
  4. SEO can help your website rank. I mean it really do, I do SEO for my site and it really helped me
  5. Another New One

    Welcome to the forum Cheers!
  6. IE the most hated browser

    I totally agree with you. Would really make me angry debugging errors on my website if it's tried in IE. It suck
  7. This is quite interesting, I didn't know that a website would cost like that. This gives me knowledge to it. Thanks
  8. Twitter auto tweet

    If I were you, don't do that auto tweeting Just a suggestion anyways, but it's up to you if you would like it.
  9. Wow! this is really great. I'm having a hard time fixing mine, thanks a lot for this!
  10. WOTM April 2014!

    Could a new member can join on this? I'd be glad to join actually
  11. What are you working on - Sneak Peek?

    Got a litte shy posting some of my designs cause clearly your designs are more nice But anyways thanks for posting some of your lay-out. It gives me an idea on how to make mine more nice just like you have
  12. That was really awesome! Cheers to the winner. You really did a great job! You deserve it.