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  1. Hi guys! What do you think about this design? It's still a test, but I'd like some feedbacks about composition and potential (if it has got any). Thank you.
  2. Need help

    You guys gave me great suggestions. I made one step back. Wine is made from grapes which is closer to the leaf than a bottle. And considering that audience will be mainly young, I went for a less formal design. I drew some grapes trying to shape it like a heart (well, a kind of) and then I vectorized it. The leaf is on the way. Let me know what you think.
  3. Need help

    Here is a second concept. As you suggested, I kept it simple and tried a b&w version. This time, instead on the activities, I concentrated on places. The association wants to promote a partnership between Ontario (Canada) and Piemonte (an Italian region famous for its wines). I don't know whether to add more leaves as if it was a bunch of flowers. I still have to think to colours.
  4. Need help

    @@Fuzzy Logic: thanks a lot for the great reply! The fork should represent local traditions, as almost every place has its typical recipe. @Nillervision: thank you. I will consider a lighter version.
  5. Need help

    Thank you. Do you mean less colours or the all design? Also, do you think the concept is good?
  6. Need help

    some work done.
  7. Need help

    Hi guys! I've been asked to make a logo for a friend's association project, focused on promoting local arts, culture and tourism. They're just at the beginning; they don't even have a name yet. It didn't help as I didn't know where to start from. I was thinking to make it with inks and watercolors, or simply drop some colours in PS. I'm not sure about the fork (I thought food could represent local traditions/habits). Any help/critique will be most welcome.
  8. Ebook cover

    I don't know. I was given just the title. B&W was a specific request. Anyway, here is the winner. Any further advice will help for future works.
  9. Ebook cover

    That's the point. What we see is not necessarily what it is. I don't see anything bad in a naked body: it's primitive, intimate and unique. Just like our mind. I totally agree about the typo: I didn't have Indesign on the laptop I worked with. Furthermore, I'm really bad with the lettering in general. Could you be more specific, please? It would be great. Thanks davep for your feedback. Cheers.
  10. Ebook cover

    Hi, this was my entry for a contest. Original pic:
  11. Wips

    Hi everybody! I'm not a professional designer, but I really like design. Here are two commissions I've been working on lately. They're still in progress.