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  1. where to buy domain names in bulk?

    Thanks guys It's a business venture for a client. They will all have unique content, nothing dodgy here, don't worry. Thanks
  2. I'm after 100-200 .co.uk domain names and possibly the same number as .com I'm based in UK, so prefer a UK supplier They need to be reliable, allow me to change the DNS to point to my server (all different directories) and I need email forwarding (no mailboxes) Always used 1&1.co.uk in the past, but £2.99 per .co.uk and £8.99 per .com is quite a lot. (a possible £2396) Cheapest I've found is daily.co.uk but never used them, they'll be £2.55 per .co.uk and £3.99 per .com ( possible £1308) I don't mind having two companies one (UK) for .co.uk and one (US) for .com domains Any suggestions? Thanks