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  1. Today we lose one of WDF's greatest contributors.  Surely misunderstandings can be resolved amicably?

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    2. rbrtsmith


      I don't see why anybody would want to leave the forum over what was a misunderstanding.  I know for a fact that those were not his words but that's how you've interpreted it.
      Nobody was making you out to be a bad guy, the fact is with sarcasm people sometimes get offended. Nobody is upset over the fact you made a complaint - you are fully entitled to do so.  What Paul had issue with was that he was not given any opportunity to explain himself.

    3. RobDoyle


      I LinkedIn with Paul a few weeks back to stay in touch. Seems a good bloke and is very knowledgeable. Hopefully he can still help people here or elsewhere at some point in time.

    4. rbrtsmith


      He's joining me at Sky soon, we'll both be contracting there so looking forwards to working a little more closely with him!