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  1. Website rebranding

    Response to:'designroom13' Thanks for those links - great inspiration Response to:'4li4s' I was set a task for a university project to rebrand a company into something it doesn't normally associate itself with, therefore i thought you guys could help me search for good companies/institutions to examine and inspire my next steps.. Those next steps are to rebrand the Company 'Skype'. My initial thoughts are that Skype is a connectivity service so i thought of some quirky ideas like 'Skype Airlines' or 'Skype Mobile'.. What do you think? Thanks
  2. Hey, I'm new!:)

    Hey Natalia, Great website, love the design and layout. I noticed you mentioned you are looking for placement - have you had much luck?
  3. Website rebranding

    Just want to find out if there are any decent website/company rebrands you guys have found online? Just a list would help
  4. Hey everyone, my name is james and i work at wixedia. I am just here to say a quick hello to everyone and i look forward to seeing posts around Web Designer Forum that will be useful to me as a passionate young designer! This is the first design forum i've joined!