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  1. Force target="_self" in iframe

    Hi - I'm displaying an external website in an iframe. The links in the external website, which I have no control over, use the "_parent" target which opens the link location in a new window. I would like to force the links to open within the iframe. Is it possible to force this using javascript? Thanks
  2. Hi - I've found this awesome fluid/fixed footer effect on this website. The top footer is fixed, but the footer below is revealed and the top footer moves with it when you scroll down. Can anyone suggest a tutorial that covers this effect or point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  3. Image link without border css

    Hi guys The links on my site have a border as you'll see in the code below, however I dont want the linked images to adopt this style. How do I stop the linked images from adopting the border? Thanks in advance a { color:#000; text-decoration:none; padding-bottom:2px; border-bottom:1px dashed #000; } a:hover { border-bottom:1px solid #ec008b; } a img { border: none; }
  4. Broken Page!

    Ok thanks I've fixed the broken layout but now the widget is hanging to the right of the sidebar. Any ideas?
  5. Broken Page!

    It appears to this... what could be wrong? <?php /* Widgetized sidebar */ if ( !function_exists('dynamic_sidebar') || !dynamic_sidebar('sidebar') ) : ?> <?php endif; ?>
  6. Broken Page!

    Thanks for the replies. I've removed the </div> you suggested bbut this hasn't fixed the problem. Any ideas? Heres the code for the sidebar.php file <!-- Random Testimonial --> <h2 class="testimonials">Random Testimonial</h2> <div class="boxRight testimonialsList"> <ul> <?php $testimonial = new WP_Query($query_string.'&cat='.get_option('wise_testimonials_id').'&showposts=1&orderby=rand'); if ($testimonial -> have_posts()) : while ($testimonial -> have_posts()) : $testimonial -> the_post(); ?> <li><span>~ <?php the_title(); ?></span> <p><img src="<?php if ( function_exists('p75GetThumbnail') )echo p75GetThumbnail($post->ID); ?>" alt="<?php the_title(); ?>" />"<?php content('1000'); ?>"</p> </li> <?php endwhile; endif; ?> <li><a href="<?php echo get_category_link(get_option('wise_testimonials_id') )?>"><strong>Read more testimonials »</strong></a></li> </ul> </div> <!-- end random testimonial -->
  7. Broken Page!

    Hi! Can anyone help me with fixing this page? I can't seem to figure it out. The testimonials should be in the sidebar to the right and the footer should be inline with the rest of the page... Thanks in advance!
  8. Thanks for all your comments. Support is something I had not really considered as I cant imagine there being a day to day requirement as long as the website has no down time. I wouldnt have thought my clients would need to know anything more from the host than if their site is live or not. Have I missed something or am I being a little naive perhaps? Maybe I'm oerlooking this slightly. I appreciate the billing is an issue and I hear it is possible for some hosting companies to send out invoinces on my behalf, this would be great. HostGator is US based, I'd rather UK based I think. Can anyone recommend a hosting company?
  9. Thanks for your reply Jock. Are you talking about reseller hosting? Can you recommend any companies?
  10. Hi I've been freelancing for a while now and work is really starting to pick up. Previously, I've just got the client to setup their own hosting space themselves (usually with some help) but I've been recently consdering whether to host the websites myself by buying a hosting package with more features, space and databases etc. Are there any real benefits other than having more control over the website and it becoming more appealing to clients if they dont have to worry about hosting themselves? Its quite a large initial cost to setup an account with unlimited MySql databases so I just wnat to know if I'll be doing the right thing. What about having to ask the client for further payments later down the line when their hosting period expires. Doesn't this just cause different problems? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Stefan
  11. Google maps

    Hi Guys I'm setting up a blog website for a friend who's cycling from Cairo to Cape town and I want to create a map of the route and possibly add GPS tracking which will sync with his iphone. Anyone got any good ideas or tips for making this happen? Thanks in advance
  12. Site performance

    Hi there I want to make sure the my site is loading to the best of its ability. Can anyone point me in the right direction for information on how to measure, monitor and improve site perforance? Thanks!
  13. auto complete URL

    Hi Does anyone know how to autocomplete the url bar so if the user types mydomain and hits enter, they will be taken to mydomain.com automatically without bringing up search results in a search engine? Thanks
  14. hi Can anyone help me find a good way of importing an rss feed to a page without using a widget? I have a site with a feed already setup but I need to import the feed into another webpage. I will need to have full control of how the feed looks. Any help or tutorials would be very much appreciated. Many thanks
  15. Hi there Does anyone know of a good subscribe to newsletter script that allows users to enter their name and email address in a Javascript popup? Thanks S