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  1. Where do JavaScript developers stand? Front-end development, software development or both? I ask because I think I'd like to change my course on Treehouse from Front-end techdegree to JavaScript techdegree and enter the world of software development instead of front-end development, but I'm not sure where I will end up. Thanks!
  2. Hello all, I think I am changing my direction in the IT world and move from Front-end development to Software development. I plan to start the Treehouse JavaScript Techdegree course and learn one or two more programming languages there. I don't know if JavaScript developers per se work in the web development industry or are software developers or could be either. Also, what is the difference between software development and software engineering? Lastly, what online forums like this one can you recommend for software development/engineering and programming? Thank you very much.
  3. Stiphan

    I'm back

    Thanks! Well I have 112 posts... I mostly asked beginner's questions. I will post more often once I start my course on January 1 because I will have to study hard. P.S.: I also just changed my username from stephen88eu to Stiphan.
  4. Stiphan

    I'm back

    Thank you, Teodora! I look forward to learning on Treehouse again. Merry Christmas!
  5. Stiphan

    I'm back

    Hi all! I am back to the forum after time away. I will be resuming my Treehouse Front-end Techdegree course starting January 1. I was only in the beginning of it anyway, but I plan to study hard now and finish it as soon as possible and then look for a job as a FED here in Manchester. So, I'll probably be participating more than before, come the New Year. As a side question, is Treehouse still the best (or one of the best) courses out there or would it be a good idea to enrol on an additional one as well? (Bear in mind money is tight at the moment.) Thanks!
  6. Stiphan

    Greetings all !

    Welcome, Robbie! It's great to have you on board.
  7. Stiphan

    jQuery no longer needed to be learnt?

    Thank you, Paul. I'll just stick to my course. The thing is, Nick Pettit, a teacher at Treehouse, in the introductory video on the Treehouse Techdegree programme, advises to also "do what every professional web developer does", which is to learn from other (reputable) sources too, like Stack Overflow. Treehouse also links often to MDN in the teacher's notes. But all of that will overwhelm me, and I also have other stuff to do in addition to web development, so I'll just stick to Treehouse.
  8. Stiphan

    jQuery no longer needed to be learnt?

    Thank you, Robert. Good advice, as always.
  9. This guy says "you don't really necessarily need to learn it anymore." (Jump to 1:39) Agree? Disagree?
  10. Stiphan

    Who is the Big Boss?

    Thank you, Robert. I would like to learn more about those big names that are being looked up to. Where can I do that? I'll look at Wikipedia. I just want to find out more about the people and the inspiring things they achieved and how they achieved them, not just concern myself with code.
  11. Stiphan

    Who is the Big Boss?

    I am a Buddhist, and in Buddhism, the Buddha is the "Big Boss", towards whom we all look up to. But web design and development is different, it's not a religion but a field of knowledge and practice, an industry, concerned with the creation and maintenance of websites, and I am not sure it is centralized, or if there is some hierarchy? I know that the W3C governs the web. Therefore, it would make sense if the "Big Boss" of the World Wide Web, web design and web development is the CEO of the W3C? Tim Berners-Lee is the inventor of the Web, and Jeffrey Jaffe is the CEO of the W3C. Are they at the top of the whole hierarchy then? I am sorry if my question is somehow stupid. I was told there is no such thing as a "stupid question", and in general, I tend to ask a lot of questions.
  12. Stiphan

    Chrome unresponsive page load

    It's strange, but the problem disappeared all by itself without me having to do anything. Thanks for your help, though!
  13. Stiphan

    Is Web Design dead?

    https://uxmag.com/articles/why-web-design-is-dead What are your views on this article?
  14. Stiphan

    Chrome unresponsive page load

    Thanks a lot, BlueDreamer! I'll look for help over at the Google Chrome Help Forum.
  15. Stiphan

    Chrome unresponsive page load

    Thanks. I don't really want to change my browser. If it is a memory issue then, what do I have to do to fix it? Could it be due to the OS (Windows 10)? My laptop is pretty good and brand new (HP, Intel 2.50GHz, 12GB RAM, 1TB hard drive, GeForce 940M 2GB).