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  1. I think you are confusing yourself with what a certificate does. SSL Certificates are issued to a domain, e.g. yourdomain.com. This certifies the encrypted connection is the "right" server. With a certified encryption you get a green padlock going to https://yourdomain.com. If you went to that address without a certified certificate you would get the red warning as it is not a verified secure connection, despite https actually encrypts by default, its the port and nature of the 's'. Lets Encrypt essentially offer free SSL certificates, they "verify" the secure connection just as Trustwave verify their certificates. Either paid for or free certificate it is always installed on your server.
  2. I have never seen leaving out priority affect search rankings and I'm not exactly green when it comes to these sorts of things. I never use priority, simply it's optional and a 'guide' just like a canonical url, search engines make their own mind up about the importance of a page, and their worth site wide. Instead I rely upon internal navigation and hierarchy (parent > sibling) to prioritise my pages. Now with last modified it's a 'fact' to the search engines (if correctly handled and not some stupid always 'now' idea) that this url was modified on X date at X time and if they trust this and their last visit was before the date they should go and recrawl. Also, I could never imagine trying to use GSC without an xml sitemap, I've no idea why you'd leave it off? With a sitemap you know what pages you would like to index, and GSC shows the proportion indexed. By adding one you'll be alerted to things like escaping urls where the query string is being indexed etc. Hook GSC to GA and the insights get even deeper. I've spotted far too many errors on sites with an xml sitemap which has saved many a project, without them I would have been blind. And with the new GSC there's much better reporting of problems. HTML sitemaps on the other hand are debatable. Will leave it there and agree to disagree
  3. I have to disagree here, priority has always been optional. https://www.sitemaps.org/protocol.html SEO Roundtable Timestamp however IMO is a must. Edit: Forgot to say a good way to build sitemaps in xml is with php, you can grab last modified from the database or use the file timestamp for static pages.
  4. SEO Basics

    Lol yeah was part joke and part some old information is still very relevant Like most paid services they give away hardly anything as they want you to subscribe. Same for Moz Pro keyword explorer, you're allowed 20 free per month unless subscribed.
  5. SEO Basics

    Yup, but even back then many things remain, this is targeted at the "what is the SEO" viewers at the mo. Not sure when this 'quality content' fad will end I'm not a Moz fanboy, totally rely on SEMrush but at the same time some fundamental basics are covered by the Moz authors, especially the 2011 Canonical vs NoIndex - so many people think canonical everything and we'll be fine Edit: Sorry for the new post, thought I had pressed save but alas new post.
  6. SEO Basics

    Cool updated original post, new paid section and fisicx addition ... cheers, we might keep spam down
  7. Where did i go wrong with my website?

    I get 403 forbidden.
  8. Hi Gang, After some consideration reading posts on here I figured a good basic list of resources would be good. Not sure if a mod will lock this so it can be updated at a later date, might be nice to stop the "what is this SEO" type posts but any other peeps using with GOOD tools feel free to chip in. The Beginners Guide to SEO - Moz Read this! And before asking anything, read this! Seriously, read it; covers everything from how search engines work to tracking success. 90% of your questions will be answered before asking anything. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide - Google PageSpeed Insights - Google Yes, site speed is a factor, no quantity of keywords will fix these, this is 'SEO'. Microdata - Schema Mixed debate, personal favourite of mine, if nothing else have cool breadcrumbs under your listing. Structured Data Testing Tool - Google See what Google picks up from your structured data and clarify errors. HTTP / HTTPS Header Check A great way to see if the supposed 301 is real or if you're giving 302s instead. Learn SEO - Moz Freaking great set of resources. If you're still stuffing keywords into titles and descriptions then you need to start here! Canonical vs NoIndex - Moz Yup, another Moz post but before thinking Canonical is a silver bullet read this. Paid Tools SEMrush Moz Pro
  9. Rewrite URL in htaccess to hide certain characters

    Sorry for the delay. I'm 99% sure this is because WordPress shoves everything via index and works it out from there. Chances are then that in WordPress there is some kind of rewrite settings you could play with, I think they are your permalinks, see https://codex.wordpress.org/Using_Permalinks.
  10. Caching for Google Maps?

    My rule of thumb is if it's a 3rd party script, e.g. Google api, I just make sure the page speed is 100% excluding it and imo everything that can be done about things has been
  11. New project?

    I'm freelance mate, this project is just something I 'potter' with when I get time. I'm an avid Heroes of the Storm player, projects like this can often grow into something bigger, for example sites like Icy Veins generate huge traffic as they are actually useful, never know where a sweet idea can come from
  12. Rewrite URL in htaccess to hide certain characters

    Hey mate, In htaccess it's pretty simple, but not 100% what WordPress is doing, it routes everything via index it appears. I would hazard a guess at ... RewriteRule ^coffee/([^/]*)$ /coffee/?rid=$1 [QSA,NC] ... this would make /coffee/?rid=ABC123 display as /coffee/ABC123. You can tighten the regex to only accept number and letters etc but i'm not sure on the possible options for 'rid', see https://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.4/rewrite/intro.html. Duplicate Content Warning: Both pages would return the same page under different urls, canonical or something. WordPress Warning: I've zero experience with the magic of WordPress, this might knock its nose out of joint. Health Warning: Don't drink and drive, you'll spill your drink
  13. New project?

    I'd say find something you have an interest in. I play Marvel Contest of Champions, built a guide and team builder tool because first I would use it and second I got to work out a few bits I'd not done before. The site makes pocket change in ads but hey, was fun building it and still use it today
  14. I think people are scared of reciprocal as it was hammered by the engines as dubious, high heels exchanging links with bakers and the like, but with a real world example an official ford dealership would be linked and listed on ford.co.uk with a `Visit the Dealer's website` link, and an individual dealer linking to their official brand website would be normal too, nothing untoward is going on and Google knows this. Edit: As for where to get links, really depends on the industry, official stockist of X would get links from their suppliers as a distributor, local plumbers in an area linking to electricians and other callout services etc - even Rand at Moz has his own list of recommended professionals