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  1. Seth

    Inherited Website Need Speed Help

    Agree with all of this
  2. Seth

    Inherited Website Need Speed Help

    The latter. They're paying ME a good amount to SEO the site.
  3. Seth

    Inherited Website Need Speed Help

    No problem. They haven't done any SEO yet. That's where I come in.
  4. Seth

    What plugin is this?

    Hey Guys On this site: https://www.designbuildremodel.com/project_category/additions/ The gallery is pretty nice. Any ideas what plugin that is or what plugin can do that? A client of mine wants similar functionality. LMK Thanks
  5. I hate to break it to you. I have a client who actually sells Pig food. She uses FB and IG and does gang busters. #justsaying 🤣
  6. Damn an other snow day!

  7. Seth

    New Laptop - Terrible Mic Quality

    Yea, debugging what is going on with a mic can be hard. I LOVE my Blue Yeti mic. Here in the US it's about $65 USD. Well worth it.
  8. Seth

    Inherited Website Need Speed Help

    Dude.., I JUST got the deal. Layoff. And they're accountants.
  9. Seth

    Inherited Website Need Speed Help

    Yea. The reason why I'm taking this on is because they are paying a good amount for SEO.
  10. Seth

    Inherited Website Need Speed Help

    Agree with all of this
  11. Seth

    Inherited Website Need Speed Help

    Hey Guys! Thanks a million. @fisicx all great suggestions. @BrowserBugs thanks bud @Jack just moved hosts so I'll contact them too.
  12. Hi Everyone! I inherited a site. They are having major site speed issues. I was wondering if you guys could give me some suggestions on how to speed this sucker up. http://gmwd.us/dcpa They want to do SEO as well, but I have got to get things in order first with the page speed.
  13. I have a site where there are two prices for a product based on weight. I thought I'd do attributes and variations, but since there is only one attribute (size) I can't figure out how to have the person select the weight. I really don't want to make it two separate product pages.
  14. Hey Everyone! I'm not sure if you've heard of Mastodon, the social media network. It is federated and open source. I've created an instance for WordPress. Check it out here and sign up for an account if you'd like. http://gmwd.us/wpsocial