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  1. Damn an other snow day!

  2. Redesigned Goldstein Media. Thoughts? https://goldsteinemedia.com

    1. jakdothtml


      Went to check it out but it's not loading?

  3. Two words: Mobile App

  4. This site needs a mobile app or attach to Tapatalk asap!

  5. This site needs a mobile app or attach to Tapatalk asap!

  6. I need to remember to sleep. Sleep? What's that?

  7. what!? You're a great guy!

  8. Hey! Why aren't I on your Friends List! :-(

  9. Hey Hey! HOw you holding up

  10. Welcome to the forum.

  11. Seth

    Congrats on being a Mod

  12. how about some background info on you. we like to know about eachother

    cheers mate

  13. Great site for you on text: http://www.typeissexy.com/

    I met the designer in class. Nice guy. Shame he still uses tables. But this is full flash an very interesting. Enjoy!

  14. I love your Web site! It's always good to see another person from the states on here!

  15. Happy Birthday!

  16. Seth

    I like your site.

  17. Yo Rich! Don't forget to pimp your profile. You can even start a blog and a photo gallery. this place is a great community where you can really get to know people and they are really willing to help you out

  18. Seth

    Yo Adam you're the man

  19. Seth

    That review of the Sandisk 4gb Titanium will be up once I get it via UPS and get to play with it for a while. I gotta remember how to write. It's been more than 2 years since I was a journalist. I still hope I got it.

  20. Seth

    Rob Dizi is wooping your backside. Better get posting :-) haha like I'm one to talk. I have a long way to go! God I love WDF