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  1. Uptime Monitoring

    We use Zabbix with 10 second intervals to monitor the core networking - switches, physical servers power, RAID, NIC's, ports etc and then Cacti to monitor bandwidth flowing through the routers and switches - in/out. Any problems and we get notified right away and texts get sent to the on-call engineers. Chris, take a look at Status2k for a monitoring system for your sites etc, I have used it in the past and its a great piece of software (and very cheap) and does pretty much exactly what you have suggested and more.
  2. Business Cards in Photoshop?

    If you're flattening the image then you don't need to convert to shape When I say flatten, I mean exactly that - you flatten all the Photoshop layers into one single image. If you flatten the image first by selecting all the layers (shift + click) and then right clicking and selecting 'Flatten Image' and then go save as a PDF (like you have already nailed on the head). That should be it
  3. Business Cards in Photoshop?

    I don't think it really matters for business cards, I've seen people use both. As long as your working with CMYK and at 300DPI then you should be fine quality wise (I've never experienced any problems using PS for business cards). With Illustrator or Photoshop, 9 times out of 10 you would output as a flattened PDF anyway for print
  4. Could use a little help

    You can get Adobe Browserlab - we use it here in the office (all mac based) and its great Make sure that if you're using complex css arguments and functions / features or css3 you put in conditional statements inside the html for an alternative IE stylesheet. IMHO there is no point in designing below IE8....
  5. Speed freaks - post your scores

    You will always get an increased amount of latency when your websites requested from abroad obviously because of the distance, results also vary widely depending on the quality of transit & carrier used by your provider Man I've missed this forum!
  6. Speed freaks - post your scores

    There is no real information of interest to any hacker displayed on pingdom tools that they couldn't get by visiting the site directly or knocking up a simple script but one would hope that if a determined hacker really wanted to infect a site, you were firstly cosistantly patching yourwebsite (if its dynamic) to ensure any holes are plugged, kept strong passwords etc and that your hosting provider also had sufficient security practices in place such as Application Firewalls, IDS etc etc etc. We use pingdom tools to test and optimise the effectiveness of CDN objects and for page analysis. Not really great for actual speedtests because we don't know the actual pipe speed of the testing server either, it could for example be rate limited to 10mbit when the actual hosting providers interconnects could be 10 - 100x faster. Also say you have for example a number of different websites on different servers but still under the same hosting provider, you will get different speed results even though (you would hope) the hosting providers connections are the same, so it cant really be used to determine hosting speeds. For that you would want to either run a testfile download via wget in terminal between different hosts and compare or ask for their full network specs and determine for yourself. Googles Page tests are actually much more helpful because they also give you advice on how to optimise your webpages just as an FYI for any interested parties. STILL - its all great fun
  7. We use Level3 for our clients, cant fault them really. Not the cheapest but defiantly the best. What's your expected usage in terms of GB per month?
  8. Dediacated Server

    What do you plan to host on this server?
  9. Hows December going so far for everyone?

    My december so far has been spent planning a very very large scale migration of customer bases, paying numerous bills and quoting people! I cant wait until I can take a few days off to do christmas shopping I literally bounce off the walls and see all my friends and family! I'm going to *try* put the the christmas tree up tonight! Will take photos!
  10. Fastest PHP5 Hosting

    It also depends on how the server is processing the PHP files - as CGI or directly through the web server... Whats compiled into the PHP runtime enviroment and also how much memory the user processing the files has been allocated. At the minute, we're toying with the idea of deploying Zend Server into our packages for people who have really demanding applications... Unless your site is really busy or hosting large amounts of files, it wont really matter who you host with (even if it is with an overselling hosting provider in the USA). You should however aim to host with someone in the UK if its a UK website
  11. Hosting Choice?

    Ohh i haven't been on here in a long time! Nice to see everyone again! To the OP, there are literally hundreds of thousands of hosting providers on the internet all thinking that they offer something unique when in actual fact they don't. There are a few questions you need to ask yourself when choosing a hosting provider... In my experience, I used to use the following: 1. Do they have a track record - look for reviews, do some speed tests etc on there systems & network... Most hosting providers have testfiles / IP's that you can check. 2. Do you actually in all honesty need 24/7 support? If your looking for shared hosting then 9 times out of 10 you wont need that level of support. Chances are that if your site goes down at 3:15am your hosting provider will know about it and will already be working on it! 3. What do I get for my money & budget? Don't look for a hosting provider who offers everything for nothing... Take a step back and ask yourself 'Is this for real???' check out the T's & C's! 4. What is their support like? Personally I like to deal with companies & suppliers that have a personal touch as opposed to just being dealt with as a number and a load of standard responses. 5. Where is your customer base? If you are targeting the UK, then why host in the US or anywhere else... You need to operate in your customers / businesses best interest and not your best interest. At the end of the day, you need to make you own decisions as who to go with... Shop around and remember its always good to ask questions!!!
  12. How do you make online payments?

    Why don't you just use iTunes? It has the largest music collection and is perfectly safe.
  13. Reseller Web Hosting vs Web Hosting Company

    You only need to support your customers 24/7 if they actually have a need for it and the chances of that on shared hosting are very slim. What sets hosting companies apart from others is their reaction times should a problem occur at say 3AM. With reseller hosting, all the responsibility of ensuring servers are online, updated etc falls with the hosting provider. If a problem does occur at the fault of the provider then its down to them alone to fix it. This allows you to concentrate on running and expanding your business
  14. Dynamicially resizing modal window

    I'm not thats the problem... There will be an order form inside the window and some pages are slightly longer than others. I would want the window to resize dynamically depending on the size of the page being displayed. Any ideas?
  15. Dynamicially resizing modal window

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know of any modal windows which are able to dynamically resize when content inside changes. The content would be loaded via iframe.