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  1. Hi, I'm A Web Designer In Cardiff

    Curious. You talk a lot on your portfolio about having multiple "teams" but there only seems to be one individual identity throughout? A nice page though and welcome to the forum.
  2. Hey Everybody

    Hi Aida and welcome to WDF The blog looks good and my main suggestion from a quick glance would be to utilise the page more effectively on large screens as some of the content feels a little squished and convoluted. I feel some additional spacing around sections would benefit the design. As for traffic, you're helping with that right now by creating a backlink here on the forum lol. I'm no SEO expert so I can't give you any thorough advice but good copywriting and use of keywords and common search terms will help rank you higher on search engines. You could always try and trade advertising spots with other bloggers as well as a free alternative to purchasing advertising space.
  3. Strange PHP Session Issue

    Okay, so after some research I managed to fix the problem by adding a session variable called "last_regen" and incrementing it each time a session is started and once the counter reaches 10, I regenerate the session id and delete the previous one to prevent fixation. However, I noticed something odd... whenever I loaded the page, the counter was incrementing 3 times (which would explain why the SID wasn't matching and logging me out). I've toyed around and I'm not sure why this is happening. The secure session function is only being executed once but it's incrementing the session variable 3 times... and it's not looping because I've tested it with output which only occurs once... If anyone knows why this happening I'd love to know. I'm guessing it has something to do with session callbacks but I'm surprised it would cause the execution of the incrementation code three times
  4. Strange PHP Session Issue

    Tested in both Chrome and Firefox and the problem is consistent in both. However, it seems that the culprit is session_regenerate_id(true). It would seem as though the browser is sometimes searching for the previous session id. Going to do some research into this and try to find a solution that doesn't involve compromising security by keeping previous session id's... maybe slightly delaying the previous id deletion would do the trick I'll report back with a solution if I find one for anyone else that encounters this issue.
  5. Strange PHP Session Issue

    So I'm working on a project and everything has been going smoothly and then today my sessions would randomly destroy themselves, and I say randomly with emphasis. In some cases I'd log in and and I'd be logged out upon refresh, other times I might navigate a page or two before being logged out and sometimes I could refresh or navigate 20+ times before being logged out and I'm running out of ideas as to why this is happening. My php.ini is using the default cookie settings so the session shouldn't be destroyed until the browser resets or until it is manually destroyed and I only have session_destroy() in my logout script which is definitely not being accessed at any time I have experienced this random logout. I've also looked over my code to make sure there's nothing strange going on and I can't seem to find anything out of the ordinary. What's confusing me most is the randomness... I mean, I can stay on the same page and refresh a few times and it will log me out with no script or settiing being altered during that time so why does one page load not log me out and then an identical page load does? I'm using the following session script which is being called once at the beginning of each page. function sec_session() { $session_name = 'user_login'; $secure = false; // change this to true on a HTTPS $http_only = true; if(ini_set('session.use_only_cookies', 1) == false) { exit(); } // COOKIES $cookie_params = session_get_cookie_params(); session_set_cookie_params( $cookie_params['lifetime'], $cookie_params['path'], $cookie_params['domain'], $secure, $http_only ); // SESSION INITIATION session_name($session_name); session_start(); session_regenerate_id(true); } I am completely baffled so any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Need some help with simple PHP script!

    Validation is often much more straight forward than it seems. For starters, there are some HTML input types that can help with validation before the form is even posted such as type="email" which will check whether the input follows a valid email structure (basically whether it contains @) and notify the user if it does not. Browser support for these types are limited but unsupported browsers fallback to "text" anyway so every little helps. There's also min and max attributes that are useful for number type inputs. Utilise PHP functions such as trim, preg_match/replace, isset, empty, filter_var and is_int to validate the characters of the form data. Sanitise by stripping tags and escaping quotes. Bind parameters where necessary during database input. If you're unaware of any of these concepts or functions, take some time to look over their official documentation on PHP.net. But personally, I'm not a big fan of Contact Forms anyway. Also, you stated KNOCK's reply wasn't helpful but he provided help before that post and then realised that it would probably be more effective for you to read a good tutorial and study the code they use until you understand why it's being use - it's an effective way to learn rather than teaching yourself insecure or bad practices. How's your contact form coming along anyhow? P.S. Got to the end noticed that the last post is a week ago :|
  7. Vertical Positioning

    But why? Why do they refuse to use that extra space? Having used HTML and CSS for over a decade I constantly feel that it's so far behind its own requirements. I used elements identifiers just to make it easier to identify which styles are affecting which elements but I often use them in development anyway. I'll often use different classes with the same names for different elements to prevent having to remember or document more classes than are necessary; just my way doing things. I would also never change a div to a section, if I found myself needing to do that then it would mean that I'd made a mistake in the planning phase. Nevertheless, thanks for the reply
  8. Best way to start learning to code websites?

    Just create a folder and have a basic file structure. For example... Sandbox (folder) <--- doesn't matter what you name it css (folder) img (folder) js (folder) <--- may not need this immediately but may as well make it index.html (html file) Inside your css folder you'll save your .css file(s), your img folder will contain your images and your js folder will contain any javascript files. This is the basic file structure for a basic website which is probably all you'll need getting started. When you start toying with PHP, the file structure will become much more complex but I'm assuming that's a little while off yet. You can open an index.html file from any web browser and it will display it as a web page so that you can see your efforts. I'd also recommend a decent text editor - http://brackets.io/]Adobe's Brackets is a good choice as well as [url=http://sublimetext.com[/ur]. These are, imo, the two best text editors on the market for web development and they are both free (Sublime has a paid and free version).
  9. Best way to start learning to code websites?

    No problem. I very rarely stop by these forums these days but if you have any more questions or run into any problems along the way, come back and I'm sure someone will be around to help.
  10. Vertical Positioning

    So a few times I've run into this problem and I simply want to know why this happens... Why won't boxes 4 and 6 position themselves under boxes 1 and 3 respectively with just the margin separating them? It appears as empty space but it's as though the baseline of the largest box (box 2) sets the vertical precedence for the other boxes. Of course, changing the vertical align of boxes 1 and 3 to bottom positions them at the base of the largest box but I can't seem to lift the lower boxes up. Is there a way to do this? Or is this just the way the DOM works? and if so - why? Here's a Fiddle if anyone wants to have a play around... https://jsfiddle.net/3wpc6agm/
  11. helpp mee :(((

    Try this https://jsfiddle.net/sysgn9pe/3/ Regardless, the fact that you're using such a fancy menu but don't know how it works suggests that you downloaded from a website or copied it from a tutorial. I'd strongly suggest studying the code and learning what's happening as well as our mine and NOCK's adjustments provide the changes you desire.
  12. Best way to start learning to code websites?

    I personally learnt form books but with so many choices and revisions, it can be difficult to find a good resource. I'd advise checking out Codecademy if you haven't already - it's a fun, interactive and effective way of learning with a self-fulfilling reward system. Use this coupled with websites such as W3 Schools and PHP.net for reference and documentation and you should be on your way to getting a decent foundation in place. My most important advice for anyone setting out to learn to code is to learn what the code is doing and I really can't stress that enough. Don't just accept that the code you write is "doing something", make sure you know what that "something" is and you'll become a much better developer throughout your practices. Furthermore, don't rush it. As your learning new techniques, elements and code constructs, think about how they could be used and make a small sandbox site where you can play around with what you've learnt and create something that YOU would ENJOY creating. Lastly, learn HTML & CSS before languages like Javascript, SQL and PHP. Good Luck!
  13. CSS issue?

    Is this a responsive or mobile website? If not then I wouldn't worry too much about the website breaking in a browser that looks less than 300px. The problem appears to be that the browser isn't wide enough to accommodate the three explicitly sized list-items forcing the last child down a level in order to maintain its given 100px width. The only overflow property I see is that on your #SearchBar and a value of auto shouldn't cause this problem.
  14. Window Resizing Problem

    Hmm that is odd... Not sure why it's happening but that fix seemed to work Although to get it working perfectly I had to use a few media queries as well xD tedious stuff. Anyway, thanks both and it's nice to see you again 4li4s and welcome the forum Panda, enjoy your stay! (y)
  15. Did you use the reset that I suggested? Also, do you have a link or screenshot so we could see a visual example?