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  1. Mootools tween event

    Hey, I am trying to make a class of events tween it's border colour. This seems to work find in FF, but in IE8, I keep getting an error from mootools core. This is my script: $$('.slide-image').each(function(e){ e.addEvent('mouseover', function(){ e.tween('border', '2px solid #EA7600') }); e.addEvent('mouseleave', function(){ e.tween('border', '2px solid #666666') }) }); Seems pretty simple, but it just dies in IE, and I am not sure why, any ideas? Thanks!
  2. Depends, once you have made a design and sold it to a client, is it still yours or is it the clients who can do what they want with it?
  3. Best Antivirus Software

    Nod32 is very good, if you are buying something, I would highly recommend it! http://www.eset.com/
  4. Confusal about jquery

    Also depends on your knowledge, if you are just starting with the language then its a good way to learn how it works to look at other peoples code and modify it for yourself.
  5. Honest opinions required

    I was expecting a really bad site, but I was pleasantly surprised and even reviewed my phone for you! Good luck!
  6. Nerd or Murd-erer? Take the quiz!

    You could probably distract him with a cheese burger though
  7. more cool than it first appears!

    That's great fun
  8. New client site

    I also like this site, but I think the main navigation could fit in a little better with the rest of the site, everything else on the site has subtle gradients and rounded corners, the navigation looks a little out of place with square edges and flat colour. Also, maybe decrease the space under the menu, as there is quite a bit white gap before the image panel, but its not quite the same size and the white space above it.
  9. Please can you review...

    Good work, nice use of colors there. One thing to look at that I saw is the main content on the right side doesn't always start at the same place on each page, eg on the Gallery page, the image and content is lining right up against the top of the page, but on the Home and About pages, it starts at a different position. On the contact us form, on the comments textarea I can see the background image repeating (in FF3), make the image a bit wider and that should fix that problem for you.
  10. Alliance Studio - Relaunch!

    I really like the design, it's clean and clear, and the colours work really well together. I'm not sure how readable the logo text is though, the s and b are quite hard to recognise, I had to look at the title bar to see what the name of the site was, but it does look cool though
  11. New Design

    I might do something to make the logo more interesting, I'm not great at logo design as I don't do it much, but will give it a go! Looking at it zoomed out, yeah the top text is too big, takes too much focus away from the work, which is where most of the focus should be!
  12. New Design

    Hey guys, Could I get some feedback on this simple portfolio site? There isn't much content to put onto yet unfortunately. It still needs a footer doing, but what do you think of the general design? Thanks Mike
  13. Forum Software

    I usually ise SMF http://www.simplemachines.org/ It's free too
  14. Firefox x64

    x64 support isn't very good generally, it's only been available for what, 4 years or more? Come on technology, keep up!
  15. The bar

    I think i'm trying a Bloody Marry tonight, not had one before, could be ... interesting!