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  1. Please review my new website

    Well as the cliched phrase in retail goes - "the customer is always right". If she is happy and the JavaScript gallery is accessible via mobile and tablet devices then go with it!! All the best.
  2. Please review my new website

    I think you might well have answered your own question here Eduardo and if you are not 100% happy then maybe you could try some other techniques to display the information. The information is key to potential clients so it needs to be clear and accessible. I haven't had an opportunity to test your dynamic element on any Mobile devices but could this also be a potential problem in the delivery of your website's information to potential clients? I think when rolling over the gallery with my mouse the sudden appearance of the large opaque black boxes is perhaps a little too dark given the light colours you have used on the website and as you say it doesn't quite fit in. The images that you have used are good. I might be tempted to experiment with changing the shape of the images slightly as they are a little 'blocky' and maybe play on the circular nature of your logo, while introducing the anchoring text alongside the images. The website is certainly much better from a 'readability' point of view, good improvements made. Joel
  3. Please review my new website

    Hi Pixelatelier, Your website actually has a nice flow to it in regards to the information you have provided and I concur with 'MrCristoph' that you have chosen a complimentary selection of 'soothing colours' which suits your subject matter, but I would just be very careful in regards to the legibility of some of the text you have included on the website. I'm referring specifically to the light blue, main body text, font colour you have chosen on the white background, which I struggled to read (and I have no usability issues) and also I think the white font colour on the light blue background in the footer is also quite difficult to read as well, so perhaps you could address this with experimenting with some slightly darker colours while staying true to the original colour scheme you devised. The contact form again I struggled to read, so maybe darkening the colours in this might also help, but good work and best of luck with the project. Joel
  4. Hi, I am in the very early process of creating a website for a Physiotherapist clinic, I have had a very very quick play in Photoshop for around an hour, I have included what the client wanted in terms of content (forgive some of the stock imagery but I didn't have access to decent physio ones, so some are slightly doctor/nurses, in fact I am going in to their clinic to take the photos of staff etc personally), they're logo is a sun and their colour scheme is blue, white and gold which is included in the design, any criticisms would be good to improve the overall look, feel and layout, cheers in advance guys.
  5. Just finished my design portfolio.

    Your backdrop and logo design are beautifully laid out and encaptures the sense of branding and identity for your portfolio name White Tree Design (however a lot of scrolling on my screen), however there are a number of things that I would do differently (I am not saying this is the right way but things to consider), firstly I would experiment perhaps with placing a content area on top of your existing background (maybe on the left-hand-side), perhaps experimenting with the opacity levels, getting a sensible transparency level so the background can be still made out but your typography and font can be easily readable on top, I would have a footer again most probably on the left at the bottom using the white and brown colours from your logo and base it underneath the trees in the background image, where the 'dark soil' sits underneath. I would get rid of the existing expandable portfolio and still have this idea of going between a blog and portfolio but maybe have a much smoother tabbing system implemented which would be a smoother transition also between the two. Also I agree with the comments that it is slightly upside-down, I think you should have a logo at the top as well as the bottom and like I say with a content area this could be implemented along with navigation not to confuse the user... But nice start and good luck...
  6. Another Fictional Design

    Yeah got it on Deviant - can be downloaded here - it isn't great on the eye but then again living in England I have seen the massive media debates on the design of the logo and the typography which are on-going still - our Olympic committee paid a design studio £400,000 apparently for the logo and font design - not money well spent IMO - a good article from The Guardian Newspaper here. I also changed body text to black here
  7. Another Fictional Design

    I do agree the font (adapted from logo) isn't the most pretty and I dislike the logo that was picked for the 2012 but still wanted to keep with the original idea that the officials had in mind, the site is supposed to be a sub-site from the main games and wanted to have a continuity, I could experiment with moving to black coloured font perhaps for better accessibility, maybe I used the logo to much for my inspiration but hey thanks for the comments!
  8. Another Fictional Design

    I have modified what I posted before - you can view it here - comments again would be brilliant!
  9. Another Fictional Design

    The space will be filled down to the bottom just the first hour of throwing a few ideas around, I agree with the partners section, again just bunged on there, will be refined, I will look at addressing the navigation cheers
  10. Another Fictional Design

    I made a recent post about a Texas restaurant mock-up I made in Photoshop, would just like a bit of input from you guys on my latest design, it is for the 2012 Olympics and is supposed to be a sub-page of one of the events, in this case tennis, I have attempted a quick mock-up just to gauge people's views, this design will grow including an audio podcast from a potential 'star of the future' etc as well as photos and much more. Here is the link Cheers Joel
  11. Could not agree more, I had to keep right clicking on it looking for the Flash settings, a nice effect to pull of in JS, well done to you, while all four (and it is a shame there isn't more) worked hard on their projects Christopher I am guessing must of had to work harder to incorporate that feel so you got my vote!
  12. Fictional Website Design

    Aren't they based in Dallas (your home town), just thought the Spurs where from San Antonio?
  13. Fictional Website Design

    Cheers Blue, I have made the amendments here
  14. Fictional Website Design

    That is just the sort of input I needed thanks ever so much, I want to make it as genuine as I possibly can, many thanks, I got the whole NFL thing on the right lines haven't I? I just plucked San Antonia out the sky, but didn't know who they would support so put both? Hope it dosen't come across as too stereotypical
  15. Fictional Website Design

    The main focus of the website will be online booking of tables in the restaurant to then go and eat, there won't be a phone service, I will need to code in the next month or so, shouldn't be too bad with divs, I have ideas for the rest of the individual pages!!! Glad you like the main idea and design though...